Pork rinds are a crunchy snack that’s become even more popular recently thanks to it’s keto-friendly stamp of approval. So what’s all the fuss about? And what new brands and flavors are popping up on the pork rind scene….

Pork Rinds - What are they, what are they made of and where to find the best keto snacks

What are pork rinds? What are they made of?

A pork rind is the “skin of a pig.” When fried in fat pork rinds become a crunchy piece of crackling that creates a tasty snack. Also known as pork crackling, chicharrones or grattons.


But are they good for you. Well, that’s a term we’ll leave to the eater. But rinds actually do have a solid level of nutritional value.

  • they’re low-carb
  • they have protein
  • they contain good fats like oleic acid

How to make pork rinds

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Popular Rinds

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Keto dieters love using rinds in recipes and keto hacks. They are virtually carb-free and add crunch, texture and flavor to foods making them a great substitution. Instead of reaching for potato chips, pork rinds are a more paleo choice that’s filling and full of flavor. They’re the perfect keto snack!

Pork Rind Recipes


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