We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day cards for kids. These are perfect for classroom exchanges, and there are lots to choose from that do not include a candy favor.


Valentines Day Cards for Kids
Valentine exchange ideas

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20 Cute Valentines Day Captions for Kids

  1. “You light up my day like a firework, Happy Valentine’s Day”
  2. “I’m stuck on you like a magnet, my Valentine”
  3. “You make my heart race like a rollercoaster”
  4. “I’m nuts about you”
  5. “You’re the missing piece of my heart puzzle, my Valentine”
  6. “You’re the sugar in my tea, Happy Valentine’s Day”
  7. “You’re hold the key to my heart”
  8. “I really dig you! Happy Valentines Day”
  9. “You’re the apple of my eye”
  10. “You make my heart sing, my dear Valentine”
  11. “Will you bee mine”
  12. “I’m o-fish-ally hooked on you”
  13. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly”
  14. “You’re the icing on my cake”
  15. “You light up my world”
  16. “You’re the glue that holds my heart together, my dear Valentine”
  17. “You’re music to my ears”
  18. “You make my heart spark”
  19. “You’re the cutest!”
  20. “You’re the sunshine to my rainbow”
a girl wearing angel costume holding heart shaped balloons

Did you know?

Valentine’s Day is a special day we celebrate every year on February 14th. We give gifts to the people we love, like flowers, chocolates and cards. This day started a long time ago in ancient Rome. They had a festival called Lupercalia to celebrate the day. Boys and girls would pick each other’s names and be friends for the festival.

Later, the Christian church wanted to change the festival to be about a Saint named Valentine. Saint Valentine was a kind man who helped couples get married when it was against the law. He became the Saint of love and that’s how Valentine’s Day became a day to show love to our special people. Today, we still give gifts and celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

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