Halloween appetizers that are great for parties, potlucks or just to add a little bit of spooky fun to family dinner night.

Halloween is right around the corner! We’ve got lots of fun on our calendar- Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats and Halloween movies. So I’ll be making a few favorite Halloween food ideas we’ve tried before and some new ones I’ve found on Pinterest.

You guys know how much we love making party food to match the holidays! Tying the theme in with your Halloween menu ideas helps get guests into the vibe. And these Halloween recipes will really give them something to talk about!

Add a Halloween cocktail, Halloween treats and a great Halloween playlist and you’ve got all the magic ingredients for spooktacular party!

Halloween Appetizers

These halloween appetizers will make you and your guests do a halloween double take!

  1. Mummy Pizza Bites – Top mini bagels with tomato sauce, add strips of string cheese and a couple of black olive slices.
  2. Halloween Mummy Sausages– Wrap sausages up like mummies with crescent dough,bake.
  3. Witches Fingers Recipe– Shape breadstick dough into fingers. Press an almond in to create a fingernail. Bake
  4. Spider Black Bean Dip– Blend a can of black beans till smooth, pour into a shallow dish. Make cob web lines using sour cream and add black olives to create spiders.
  5. Cheese ball Pumpkin– Combine cream cheese, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and chives. Shape into a pumpkin and roll in finely shredded cheese. Serve with crackers.
  6. Eyeball Prosciutto Mozzarella Bites. Wrap mozzarella balls with prosciutto to form eyes. Use a straw to poke holes in mozzarella and insert a green olive.
  7. Spooky Cocktail Meatballs Recipe. Add a bag of frozen meatballs + 1 cup of grape jelly + 1 cup of barbecue sauce to a slow cooker or crock pot. Slow cook for 3 to 4 hours. Serve with toothpicks
  8. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas. Arrange flour tortillas on a baking sheet. Spread cheddar cheese over each tortilla. Top with flour tortillas cut into jack-o-lantern shapes. Bake til cheese melts.
  9. Pumpkin Chili Dip. 1 can of pumpkin + 1 lb of ground beef, browned + packet chili seasoning + 1 can diced tomatoes + 8 ounces cream cheese + 2 cups shredded jack cheese.
    Cut top of pumpkin & clean out pulp & seeds. Bake pumpkin shell on a baking sheet at 375 for 20 minutes. In a medium pot combine all chili ingredients except shredded cheese. Heat over medium heat for 20 minutes. Pour chili into pumpkin shell, top with shredded cheese and broil 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted.
  10. Monster Guacamole. Spread guac in the shape of an oval on a large plate or serving platter. Use sour cream and black olives to make eyes and a mouth. Arrange purple tortilla chips as Frankenstein hair.
  11. Mummy Jalapeno Poppers. 
  12. Stuffed Pepper Pumpkins. Slice off the tops of small bell peppers. Cut out a jack-o-lantern face. Clean out the seeds and stuff with ground beef and rice or chicken and rice. Top with cheese
  13. Spider Web Taco Dip. Layer cheese, lettuce and tomato in a shallow serving dish. Top with ground beef. Create spider web lines using sour cream.
  14. Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks. Pretzel sticks with mozzarella string cheese.
  15. Halloween Cheese Board. Use Halloween themed cookie cutters to cut cheese shapes.
  16. Crazy Caprese Eyes. 
  17. Pumpkin Hummus. 
  18. Wasabi Deviled Eggs
  19. Dead Man’s Toes. Cocktail weenies slow cooked in a red barbecue sauce
  20. Lychee Eye Balls in Blood. Lychee fruit floating in cherry juice.
  21. Cracker Coffins. Rectangle butter crackers and cheese marked with RIP
  22. Chipped Beef Cheese Ball Brain. Cream cheese, shredded dried beef, onion shaped like a brain.
  23. Crescent Witch Hats. Arrange crescent roll triangles on a baking sheet. Tuck spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese into the wide bottom of each triangle. Fold over and bake.
  24. Mini Burger Monsters. Insert two toothpicks into each mini burger. Stuff a mozzarella pearl with small black olive and add to pick creating eyeballs.
  25. Alien Avocado Flatbread. On a large plate arrange flatbread strips in the shape of an alien head. Spread mashed avocado over and use avocado half shells to create alien eyes.
  26. Draculas Fangtastic Garlic Knots. Garlic knots with marinara sauce.
  27. Bloody Shrimp Brain. Stack cocktail shrimp in the shape of a brain. Pour cocktail sauce over and chill.
  28. Spare Ribs. Bone in ribs shaped like a skeleton.
  29. Skewered Beasts. Half a pineapple and poke wooden skewers into it. Post chicken wings and drums to each skewer.
  30. Potato Stick Hay Stacks


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