As a mom of two young boys, I have learned that parenting can be both challenging and rewarding. It is a journey that requires creativity, patience, and resilience. Over the years, I have discovered some creative parenting hacks that make life with kids a little easier.

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Here are 20 of my favorite parenting hacks:

  1. The toy rotation system. Kids can get easily bored with their toys, so I use a toy rotation system to keep things fresh. I rotate their toys every week or two, and they always seem excited to see what’s new.
  1. The “yes” day. Every once in a while, I declare a “yes” day where I say yes to everything my kids ask for (within reason, of course). It’s a fun way to give them a little bit of control and let them feel heard.
  1. The color-coded schedule. To help my kids understand their daily routine, I created a color-coded schedule that they can easily follow. Red for breakfast, green for playtime, blue for nap time, and so on.
  1. The bathtub art studio. My boys love to draw, so I let them use washable markers to draw on the bathtub walls while they take a bath. It’s a fun and easy way to encourage their creativity.
  1. The sticker chart. I use a sticker chart to incentivize good behavior. Each time they do something good, they get a sticker. When they reach a certain number of stickers, they get a reward.
  1. The DIY sensory bins. I create DIY sensory bins using items I already have around the house. I fill a bin with things like rice, pasta, or beans, and my boys love to play with them.
  1. The “quiet time” basket. When my littles are feeling a little restless, I give them a “quiet time” basket filled with books, puzzles, and other quiet activities. It’s a great way to help them calm down and relax.
  1. The frozen grapes trick. In the summer, I freeze grapes and give them to my boys as a cool and healthy snack. They love them!
  1. The snack station. I set up a snack station in the kitchen so my kids can help themselves to healthy snacks whenever they want. It also helps to avoid the “I’m hungry” complaints.
  1. The car activity bags. For long car rides, I create activity bags filled with coloring books, stickers, and other fun activities. It keeps my boys entertained and helps the time pass quickly.
  1. The shoe rack organizer. I use a shoe rack organizer to keep all of my boys’ shoes in one place. It saves time and helps us avoid the last-minute shoe search.
  1. The morning routine chart. To help my boys get ready for school in the morning, I created a morning routine chart that includes things like brushing teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. It helps to keep us on track and avoid the morning rush.
  1. The “quiet feet” game. When my kids are getting a little too loud, we play the “quiet feet” game where we try to move around the house as quietly as possible. It’s a fun way to get them to quiet down.
  1. The make-your-own pizza night. We have a weekly “make-your-own pizza” night where they get to choose their own toppings and make their own pizzas. It’s a fun and easy way to get them involved in the kitchen.
  1. The family movie night. We have a weekly family movie night where we watch a movie together and have popcorn and snacks. It’s a great way to spend quality time together as a family.
  1. The DIY play kitchen. I created a DIY play kitchen using an old bookshelf and some cardboard boxes. My kids love to play with it and pretend to cook meals for us.
  1. The outdoor scavenger hunt. We love going on outdoor scavenger hunts where my boys search for items like leaves, rocks, and flowers. It’s a fun way to get them outside and teach them about nature.
  1. The art supply storage. To keep our art supplies organized, I use a hanging shoe organizer to store things like markers, crayons, and paintbrushes. It saves space and makes it easy to find what they need.
  1. The “one toy at a time” rule. To avoid clutter and chaos, we have a “one toy at a time” rule where my boys have to put away one toy before getting out another one. It helps to keep things tidy and manageable.
  1. The gratitude journal. To encourage gratitude and positivity, we keep a gratitude journal where we write down things we are thankful for each day. It’s a great way to focus on the good things in life.

Parenting can be challenging, but with a little creativity and ingenuity, it can also be a lot of fun. These parenting hacks have made life with my kiddos a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Try them out and see what works for you and your family.

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