Top toys for three-year-olds, top toys for four-year-olds. You’ll find the gifts they’ll go crazy for this Christmas in our Holiday Gift Guides.

My three year-old has a long Christmas wish list of things he’s asking Santa for. It’s funny, the change from two to three. He not only fully understands how to ask for things he wants, he regularly voices his need for them. “Mom, I NEEEEEED that toy. Mom, please please please get me the new xxxxxxx (any toy that comes on tv.)

Paw Patrol Toys, PJ Mask and More!

At the very top of his Christmas list: a Paw Patrol Marshall Zoomer, PJ Masks playset and LEGOs. Because when you’re a little boy you can never, ever have enough LEGOs. Even when they are overflowing every toy bin, covering the floor space and creeping out of every corner of your room.

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some AWESOME toys this year, many that he would be writing to Santa about if we didn’t already own them. A few of our favorites: Torch the dragon, CHIP the robot dog, the Codapillar and the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower from Step2. Read our reviews of these fun toys, they’re sure to light up any preschooler on Christmas morning.

Here’s our list of top toys for three-year-olds and four-year-olds:


Top Toys for Christmas 3 and 4 year olds Holiday Gift Guide via frostedmoms

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