Tooth number chart- eruption charts. 

Did you know you start life with 20 baby teeth (primary teeth) typically. At around 6 months primary teeth begin to erupt. As you grow your baby teeth shed and your permanent teeth grow in. By your early twenties you’ll have all 32 permanent teeth.

Teeth By Number

Dentists use a tooth chart to label and identify your teeth. This tooth eruption chart shows where all the teeth inside your mouth are from the back molars to the front incisors. Using a tooth chart by number helps the dentist label which teeth may need extra attention.

Fun facts for kids – Teeth

  • Did you know tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body?
  • Tree twigs were used as the first toothbrushes
  • Blue whales have no teeth
  • No two sets of teeth are alike
  • Teeth start to form before you are born

You can find more helpful dental information and teeth number charts on the American Dental Association website.

Tooth number chart - teeth numbers

Tooth Chart Numbers

What does it mean when the dentist says you have a cavity on tooth number 5? Dentists use numbers to identify the location of  each tooth in your mouth. Starting with the farthest back on the upper right, that’s tooth number 1. The tooth farthest back on the upper left side is number 16.  On the lower left is number 17 and the tooth farthest back on the lower right is number 32.

Also known as a tooth chart or tooth eruption chart

primary tooth chart

Toothbrush for Kids

HUM by Colgate  

The hum kids by Colgate Smart Battery-Powered Toothbrush Kit uses Augmented Reality to guide kids to brush better. The connected app has fun gaming experiences that will help inspire kids to brush in order to unlock new worlds and earn rewards.

Kids’ Toothbrush Kit

This fun kids’ battery-powered toothbrush set includes one toothbrush handle, three toothbrush heads, one phone stand, and two AAA batteries. The hum kids by Colgate app is free to download on the App Store or Google Play.

Smart Kids’ Toothbrush Uses Augmented Reality

Game experiences make brushing fun like unlocking new worlds and earning rewards while helping your child learn good lifelong brushing habits. Track your child’s progress and easily check whether your child missed a spot or an entire brushing session via the parent’s section within the app. The app teaches kids where and how to brush, and features a toothbrush timer, helping your child establish good lifelong brushing habits. Once you download the hum kids by Colgate app, your child can brush their teeth while playing games that will help them brush better with this kids’ battery toothbrush.

Timer and Extra-Soft Bristles

Featuring a toothbrush timer, hum kids’ electric toothbrush makes seriously good oral care something to smile about with fun augmented reality game experiences and challenges that help improve brushing. The toothbrush timer can be changed within the app to suit the preference of the parent and child. The extra-soft toothbrush bristles provide a gentle and effective clean. This kids’ toothbrush is recommended for children ages 5+.

How to Use

Ready for your child to enjoy brushing? Get started – Download hum kids by Colgate App – Launch the App – Place your smartphone in the phone holder – Position your child in front of the phone (with the screen facing your child) – Follow onboarding instructions in the App – Connector boot will automatically connect to the hum kids brushing game


hum Kids Battery Toothbrush bundle kit includes one toothbrush handle, three soft-bristle brush heads, two AAA batteries and one phone stand.

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