Tooth number chart- eruption charts. 

Did you know you start life with 20 baby teeth (primary teeth) typically. At around 6 months primary teeth begin to erupt. As you grow your baby teeth shed and your permanent teeth grow in. By your early twenties you’ll have all 32 permanent teeth.

Dentists use a tooth chart to label and identify your teeth. This tooth eruption chart shows where all the teeth inside your mouth are from the back molars to the front incisors.

Fun facts for kids – Teeth

  • Did you know tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body?
  • Tree twigs were used as the first toothbrushes
  • Blue whales have no teeth
  • No two sets of teeth are alike
  • Teeth start to form before you are born

You can find more helpful dental information on the American Dental Association website.

Tooth number chart - teeth numbers

Also known as a tooth chart or tooth eruption chart

primary tooth chart


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