I love everything about the holidays, everything except for one annoying part that can turn my Christmas cheer into total misery: TRAFFIC! Living right outside of DC we are right in the middle of some of the worst traffic you’ll ever see. Heading home for Christmas to visit family is always an adventure because we can never gauge how long the trip is gonna be. It could take five hours to get there, it could take nine. Nine hours in the car with a toddler is no fun, as I’m sure you already know if you have kids.

Family Travel Tips with Capital One Venture Card Holiday Travel Travel RewardsThis year we are flying home to skip the headache and hassle of traffic, and best of all we’re using all the miles we’ve racked up with our Capital One Venture Card. The Venture Card is a travel rewards credit card that gives you double miles on every purchase- anywher, anytime. I love that the Venture Card doesn’t have all the restrictions of most rewards programs. Cardholders decide when, where and how they want to use their miles. My miles are good for any travel-related expense from flights to hotels, cruises, even Uber rides. I’m always looking for ways to save now that I have a family to think of, not to mention my retirement to save for. Luckily recent changes to pensions mean that they will be increased, but it’s still important to save as much as you can.

With the Venture Card we aren’t stuck to one single airline so we have so many more options for flight times and airports. That makes life so much easier and traveling a lot more convenient.

Our Venture Card is just one of the things I love that Capital One offers. There are a few more reasons why we choose Capital One for our banking needs. After all the Christmas shopping and holiday madness is over I set down and go over our budget and our goals for the new year. Savings is an important part of managing family finances. With the Automatic Savings Plan tool Capital One offers we can maximize our savings by having a fixed amount of money regularly transferred from our checking account to our online savings account. This is essential for budgeting important expenses like our emergency fund and saving for family vacations.

Capital One also has a My Savings Goals feature which lets us see how we are doing and keep track of where we are in meeting our financial goals. I can nickname each goal and easily follow our progress, keeping us motivated to save more money.

Learn more about the Capital One Venture Card and how it can make travel easier and more rewarding for your family.

See how 360 Savings from Capital One can help you stay on track with your financial goals this year.

Here are some handy Travel Tips to make traveling over the holidays a little easier:

  • Travel Off Peak– avoid the peak days and hours and you’ll have a much easier, often less expensive trip
  • Use Travel Apps– There are lots of travel apps that will make traveling less stressful. Flight apps can help you plan for delays, airline apps can make boarding easier and faster. If your driving Waze is a great app to track traffic and find alternate routes.
  • Keep Kids Busy- Download a movie and some games to your iPad or tablet. Bring an activity pad for coloring. Stickers are a great way to keep toddlers entertained in the airport and on flights.
  • Pack Snacks– Nothing worse than being trapped in a car or on a plane with a hungry toddler. Be sure to pack extra snacks. If you want to avoid the mess go with whole hard fruits or simple sandwiches.
  • Wear Layers- Going from one climate to another or just from place to crowded place, you never know what the temperature is gonna be. A cardigan can keep you from getting cold and is easy to remove if your too hot. Same for the kids, dress them in layers in case the plane is cold or they get hot traveling in the car.

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.