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I don’t think you can watch this video without crying. I know I couldn’t.  Every family across the world shares their time together in different ways.  We all have one thing in common though, however you get together TYLENOL wants you to have a very happy holiday.

For more than 60 years Tylenol has been focused on the well being of your family.  To celebrate all the families in the world TYLENOL has created the #HowWeFamily campaign.  It really does not matter who you love, it matters how you love them.  We are all so different yet we all want love and peace in our lives.  The #HowWeFamily program shares the true story of 11 American families (all quite different). 

One of the families profiled is that of spokesperson Gabrielle Union.  The TYLENOL #HowWeFamily project was created to show diversity in our world through these families.  TYLENOL wanted to help dispel the fears about differences and diversity.  No matter what each family looks like, they each have the same concerns: to create a safe and happy home, and care for each other.  All the homes are built on love. 

Please visit the TYLENOL #HowWeFamily website and watch some of the videos and learn more about the families who participated in this project.

This month TYLENOL continues to celebrate all families and how they celebrate during the holidays.  If you have a few free minutes I encourage you to watch these 11 real families share their laughter, their hearts, their love.  My family will join together next week to create memories and share in each others triumphs and sorrows.  We support each other unconditionally. 

Please share with me in the comments how your family comes together during the holidays.