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I have to admit, I was late to join the Moana bandwagon. My son was two when the movie came out and so we weren't at a movie watching age. We finally saw the film when it came out on DVD, and now that I've seen the movie at least a thousand times I can confidently say I am a super Moana fan. You know you really, really love a Disney movie when you find yourself downloading the soundtrack and then singing along in the car… when your kid isn't even present!

Moana is such an awesome story, it's no wonder she's become such a popular character beloved by children and adults all around the world. Her message of dreaming big and never giving up, being proud of your heritage and who you are, it's one we all hope for our children.

Naturally, Moana has become a popular party theme for girls birthday parties. I've planned quite a few Moana theme parties this year and so I thought it would be fun to share with you all the cute ideas I've gathered to help you create your own. When it comes to character parties I like to look for party supplies that are unique to give the party a more personal feel. I love shopping Etsy boutiques for creative party decor, most of the things I've listed you'll find on there.

So lets get started….

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