Children Halloween Costumes that are trending this year.

It’s my absolute favorite time of year again! If you’re like me, then some of your favorite childhood memories probably come from fall festivities and dressing up in costume for Halloween! One of my favorite Halloween costumes as a child was Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. That year my brother dressed as the Beast and we went door to door trick-or-treating with all of our neighborhood friends! One house in particular was a sweet old lady who always gave us full sized candy bars! We got a TON of candy and I’m pretty sure our parents would steal all of the good candy while we were sleeping at night! I know that I would always sneak into my siblings treat baskets and grab a few of the good chocolates when they were not looking!

Children Halloween Costumes - Kids Costume Ideas 2017 via frostedblog

Halloween was fun to dress up as a child, but now it is even more fun to watch the Halloween spirit come alive through my child’s eyes! He loves to use his imagination and dress up on a daily basis, but Halloween is just the icing on the cake because he gets to dress up AND eat lots of candy! I mean, what child doesn’t love candy and dressing up? So, now you have little ones and you’re probably struggling with what costume they should dress up as this Halloween. Well, take a look at my favorite Halloween costume picks for kids this year!

Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids 2017


  1. Moana Halloween Costume. The perfect costume for any adventure seeking island girl. If  “How Far I’ll Go” has been on replay in your car all year then your little one will love dressing up as Moana this Halloween.
  2. Trolls Poppy Halloween Costume. This adorable hand-made Poppy costume is sure to win “Most Adorable” in a costume contest.
  3. Wonder Woman Costume. If your little girl wants to save the day this Halloween, then this is the perfect costume for her!
  4. Princess Belle Costume. Your sweet girl can turn Halloween into a royal affair with this adorable princess costume.
  5. Monster High Draculaura Costume. This costume is perfect for a girl who loves glamour and sass! Your girl can dress up like her favorite doll!
  6. Star Wars Rey Costume. Let the force be with you if your little girl chooses to wear this costume!
  7. Spiderman Costume. Your little boy will love using his spider web powers in this heroic costume!
  8. PJ Masks Gekko Costume. Your little boy will enjoy dressing up in this adorable costume while he fights crime this Halloween!

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