Scary Halloween Decorations 2019 –  Want to win the Spookiest Yard award this Halloween? We’ve rounded up a few of the creepiest decorations to turn your lawn and front porch into the most haunted house in the neighborhood.

Scary Halloween decorations 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Rot from Oriental Trading 

Welcome to the Haunted Mansion! How cool would it be to have this couple on your doorstep ready to greet guests. I love that this set of spookies isn’t too creepy, no blood dripping or weapons coming out of anywhere.

Scary Halloween Decorations 2019 - Animated Clown

With the return of the popular IT movie clowns are all the craze. They definitely run high on my list of things that creep me out.

Standing Animated Clown 

Shaking Coffin Halloween Decoration

Oh hey, what’s shakin’? Just my shaking coffin over in the corner, lol! This is the kind of spooky halloween decor that kids love. It’s not too scary but the effects are just enough to cause you to jump.

Shaking Coffin from Oriental Trading 

Scary Halloween Decorations 2019 - Creepy Girl with Glowing Eyes

Lil Sweet Vengeance by Oriental Trading

Ok, now this gives me the willies! A creepy little girl with glowing eyes…. yep, I’m spooked. Add a fog machine and some sound effects and you’ll scare the whole street with this one.

Scary Halloween Decorations - Pumpkinhead Groundbreaker

Animated Pumpkin Groundbreaker – Oriental Trading 

Someone’s lost his gourd! This pumpkinhead Halloween decoration has glowing eyes, plus he moves and shakes to really rattle every passerby.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations


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