Best Kids Halloween Costumes —  Target's got the coolest kids costumes for Halloween this year! From Ninja Turtles to Super Heroes, we've rounded up a few popular favorites….

Don't let the idea of Halloween shopping this early spook you… it's still awhile away. But it's better to be on top of tracking down your child's perfect Halloween costume than that mom that's scrambling to put something together with a hot glue gun and random scraps of who-knows-what at home.

Best Kids Halloween Costumes This Year

Lucky for you Target is totally prepared for Halloween with their recent release of costumes your kids are gonna love. We've highlighted a few popular kids costumes that are trending so you can click on over and browse for ideas or go ahead and buy one before they all sell out.

  1. Pokemon
  2. Super Mario
  3. Ever After
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  5.  Star Wars
  6. Minions
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Frozen
  9. Harry Potter
  10. Descendants

Pokemon halloween costumes are guaranteed to be everywhere this year thanks to the Pokemon craze. I can't wait to see the cute Super Mario halloween costumes that come knocking at the door. Little Super Marios and Luigis in their overalls and mustaches! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle halloween costumes have been popular for years. It's a fun theme that appeals to older and younger kids, boys and girls. Star Wars halloween costumes are among my favorites every year, from store bought to DIY costumes. With the new movie out Minions costumes will also be making their way door to door. Along with a Wonder Woman costume or two I'm sure now that the blockbuster super hero movie has made it's mark on the mainstream. 

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Best Kids Halloween Costumes This Year