Rolled ice cream near me – where to find an ice cream shop nearby that serves up this tasty treat!

What is Rolled Ice Cream?

My son is obsessed with rolled ice cream. He thinks it’s just the best thing ever, and I kinda have to agree. If you’ve never tried it, it’s exactly like what it sounds like. However the process for how to make rolled ice cream might surprise you….

How to Make It

First, liquid ice cream is poured onto a freezing griddle plate. Toppings and flavors are added and then the ice cream is pressed out flat, then rolled into spiral sticks.

Rolled Ice Cream Shops

Now that rolled ice cream has become so popular you can likely find a chain near you. Cold Stone creamery is one of the most popular chains. And lots of local ice cream shoppes have jumped on the bandwagon and offer rolled ice cream.

Rolled Ice Cream Near Me - Where to Get Rolled Icecream Nearby

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

The idea of ice cream rolls originated in Thailand. Also known as “stir-fried ice cream,” it became a popular street food in 2009. Soon after the ice cream trend spread across the world.

Rolled Ice Cream Near Me - Where to Get Rolled Icecream


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