I love when someone contacts us wanting something completely different from the usual princess/pirate/superhero party themes we do.  I get to brainstorm, be creative and dream up something new!  So when our party mom told me her daughter wanted a “happy” theme and that she loves smiley faces I was so excited! Soooo excited! Happy Face Smile! Theme Birthday Party- Frosted Events www.frostedevents.com I found the perfect smiley face doodle to design cute t-shirts the girls could decorate.  Ribbon, fabric markers and a little lesson in ten ways you can transform a t-shirt!  The girls did a great job making cute shirts. Happy Face Smile! Birthday Party Frosted Events www.frostedevents.com Next up, we put together a yummy ice cream buffet.  Our happy little guests LOVED making their own sundaes. Happy Face Smile! Birthday Party- Frosted Events- www.frostedevents.com Ice Cream Sundae Bar Finally, we had a blast with the Funny Face Photo Booth!  Silly stick props made for fun party pics and poses. Happy! Smiley Face Birthday Party - Frosted Events- www.frostedvents.com