Pumpkin Farm near me – Where to find the best local pumpkin patch, how to pick pumpkins and pumpkin ideas. We’ve gathered up all the best pumpkin picking advice to create the ultimate gourd guide for fall…..

Hello pumpkin! Visiting a pumpkin farm is probably already on your fall bucket list. If not, it should be. I mean, how can you even appreciate the beauty of autumn without a trip to pick out the perfect pumpkin?

Pumpkin Farms Near Me  ( or Pumpkin Patch Near Me)

A quick google search will bring up the pumpkin patch nearby. Type in pumpkin farms near me and you’ll find the closest place to pick your own pumpkin.

Why visit a pumpkin patch over getting pumpkins at the grocery store?

Well for one, when you visit your local pumpkin farm you’re helping support local farmers. But there are tons more reasons to visit a pumpkin patch.

  • Pumpkin patches are fun for the whole family!
  • It’s an excellent place to take pics
  • Most pumpkin farms host tons of weekend events and activities for kids. Hayrides, roasting s’mores, corn maizes and tons more fun.
  • Pumpkin farms often have a larger selection of pumpkins to choose from. Want more than you regular garden variety gourds? Check out the selection at your local pumpkin farm. Many have a range of pumpkins, from mini pumpkins to massive. All colors, shapes and sizes!

How much are pumpkins at a pumpkin patch?

Most pumpkin farms charge by the pound for pumpkins. Prices vary from $0.49 to $1.50 depending on the size and variety of pumpkin.

Pumpkin Farm Near Me- Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Ideas via Misty Nelson @frostedevents

Pumpkin Farm Near Me- Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Ideas via Misty Nelson @frostedevents

Types of Pumpkins

Not all pumpkins are alike. Depending on what you want to use your pumpkin for the variety you choose matters. Some pumpkins are better for eating and some are best for decorative use. And pumpkin varieties have different flavors as well.

A Few Popular Pumpkin Varieties

  • Cinderella Pumpkins– French heirloom with a flat outer appearance and a savory flavor.
  • Knucklehead Pumpkins– Make great jack-o-lanterns thanks to their warty skin.
  • Orangita Pumpkins– Deep orange mini pumpkin that’s great for decorative displays.
  • Hybrid Pam- small pumpkins perfect for crafts and painting.
  • Porcelain Doll– Great for pies, canning and fall soups. 
  • New England Cheddar – Makes a delicious pumpkin pie. A medium sized heirloom pumpkin with sweet flesh perfect for pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin Farm Near Me- Pumpkin Patches, Pumpkin Picking and Pumpkin Ideas via Misty Nelson @frostedevents

Hello Pumpkin! 

Bring a blanket and a basket of food along to the pumpkin patch for the perfect date. Cozy up with a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset.

Decorating with Pumpkins

You loaded up your wagon, piled all your pumpkins in the car, now what? Pumpkins are perfect for decorating indoors and out. They create a festive front porch display to welcome friends and neighbors. Create stunning tablescapes and centerpieces with pumpkins. Pile them up the stairway or by the fireplace for a pretty autumn arrangement.




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