How to Live Your Best Life — simple ways to start living the life of your dreams!
Hello New Year! Something about entering a whole new decade really makes me want to evaluate my life and explore ways I can elevate myself in all areas, personally and professionally.

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a good way to start. But if you’re like most people, that feel good motivation doesn’t make it more than a few months before it starts to wear off. Old habits are hard to change. It’s the simple reason why we join a new gym in January, but don’t follow through with our fitness goals before summer hits. Or why we buy diet books and commit to health challenges but can’t stay on track to lose those last few pounds.

I’ve found that instead of making grand changes all at once it’s better to focus on small, everyday habits that can have a big impact on your life. It’s the little things that contribute to how we look and feel. Confidence and a positive mindset can determine whether you get that new job, attract a great partner and even determine the longevity of your life.

So what’s the key to living your best life? I’m sharing ten simple ways you can start working on it today. Print them out, post them up, screenshot and save as your phone wallpaper. Start focusing on one or two, or go all in on the whole list. I promise either way it will only improve your life and make you a better person!


How to Live Your Best Life - Printable Inspiration and Wallpapers via frostedblog



How to Live Your Best Life - Printable Inspiration and Wallpapers via frostedblog, Misty Nelson

Click on the link below to download printable:

Live Your Best Life Printable Download

How to Live Your Best Life

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier
    Get up and give yourself time to own the day ahead. Enjoy the quiet, meditate, set your daily intentions and enjoy your coffee.
  2. Dress your best
    When you look your best, you feel your best. Dress to impress everyday and you’ll be ready for anything!
  3. Believe to achieve
    Your mindset is the start of manifesting your dreams. Believe in yourself, create positive thoughts to attract what you want most in life.
  4. Create confidence
    Visualize your most confident self. Stand up straight, take a deep breathe and tell yourself you are awesome!
  5. Drink water
    Staying hydrated is essential to having more energy, better focus and concentration. It also improves skin elasticity, eliminates toxins and aids digestion.
  6. Be kind
    Smile at strangers. Give compliments freely and help those in need. Kindness creates positivity and makes you feel good inside!
  7. Don’t compare
    Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to others.
    Your gifts and talents are unique and what make you special.
  8. Stay curious
    Try new things. Never stop reading and learning. Seek new experiences and keep a child-like sense of wonder.
  9. Practice gratitude
    Gratitude changes your perspective on life. A grateful heart leads to more joy and happiness.
  10. Plan for tomorrow
    End each day with a vision for what you want to achieve tomorrow. Set yourself up for success and go to sleep excited for the day ahead.


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