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I can’t believe it’s 2020! A whole new decade has arrived. I remember when that number seemed so futuristic and far away it was hard to imagine, and now it’s here. It’s crazy to think of all the changes we’ve seen in just the past ten years and even wilder to contemplate what lies ahead.

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Our New Years Resolutions plan with vitafusion, Green Giant and Optimum Nutrition

Do you make resolutions for the New Year? I love making lists so I always start off by mapping out my goals for the year as well as long term goals, our five and ten year plans. Writing down my personal goals as well as our family goals is highly motivating, plus it helps us all focus on the things we want to achieve.

Saving money for vacations, spending more time together, working on our home, eating healthier and being more active are a few of our broad family goals. We’re planning a big family trip to St. John in June so we are super excited about that. My husband just started a new job that allows him to be home more so we want to create a bucket list of fun things to do together for the year. And being healthier and more active is something that’s very important and affects our lives across the board, so it’s at the top of our list.

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips via Misty Nelson, Frosted Blog @frostedevents Yoga

Good habits help us feel better and do better everyday. It’s easy over time to let those habits slip though, and we’ve definitely let ours slip. The holiday hustle and being on-the-go means we’ve neglected many of the good habits that keep us at our best. I’ll be the first to say I’ve fallen off track. Too much fast food, sugar and snacking from holiday travel, Christmas parties and all the sweets!

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Our New Years Resolutions plan with vitafusion, Green Giant and Optimum Nutrition

So I’m ready to kick the New Year off with a new plan for keeping our family healthy and making wellness a top priority! On our last trip to Walmart I stocked up on a few health and wellness items that will help us reach our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle all year long. We’re using our healthy family toolkit and sticking to these simple resolutions:

  • Taking Our Vitamins
  • Drinking More Water
  • Being More Active
  • Eating Better Food
  • Powering up with Optimum Nutrition

Best Gummy Vitamins

We love the vitafusion Men and Women’s gummy vitamins and L’il Critters vitamins! Gummy vitamins completely changed the game for getting my child to take his vitamins. He went from running and hiding to asking for his L’il Critters Children’s Gummy Vitamins every morning. It’s the only gummy vitamin brand with “doctor tested proven nutrient absorption.* And I love that there are no artificial sweeteners or flavors, no synthetic dyes and no gluten or dairy.

*For Vitamins C & D3 in products that contain those nutrients

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Best gummy vitamins vitafusion vitamins

New Years Resolutions for Family Health

Drink More Water

This is a big one for me. I can tell a huge difference in the way I look and feel when I don’t drink enough water. I’ve learned a few little tricks to make sure I keep myself hydrated and also to remind my child to drink more water daily. I start off every morning with a big glass of water. It’s the first thing I do when I get out of bed. I carry a water bottle with me and fill it up through the day. I set a timer on my smart watch to remind myself to finish my bottle at certain points through the day. I get an alert at 9, 12, 3 and 6 and that’s when I take a moment to drink my bottle and refill it. I also have a glass of water before each meal.

We use stickers with our six-year-old to remind him to drink water. He has his own water bottle and every time he fills and finishes it he gets another sticker to put on it for the day. It’s a fun game for him but also a great reminder to try and stay hydrated.

Get Active

We love to get outside and do fun things together…… in the warmer months. It’s much harder in the winter when it’s cold outside to motivate myself, much less my husband and child! But it’s important to stay active and I really try to make this a habit that we keep most of the year.

We joined our local Y and it’s been an awesome way to get everyone more physically active, even when it’s cold outside. We can swim indoors, play basketball or walk around the indoor track with the baby in the carrier. They have lots of sports programs throughout the year that our son has enjoyed. And I love the fitness classes!

Eat More Veggies

After all the holiday indulging I’m actually excited to eat salads by the time January hits. I can’t say the same for my kiddo. That’s why I LOVE the Green Giant Veggie products at Walmart! It’s all the foods you’re family enjoys, but made with veggies versus the other stuff. We just tried the Green Giant Veggie Hash Browns and they are so delicious! They have one full serving of cauliflower in each serving, tons of flavor and crunchiness. Plus they have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Eating more veggies, plant based diet via Misty Nelson, frosted blog @frostedevents

Power Up with Protein: Optimum Nutrition 

Our bodies need good nutrition for energy, strength and focus. Good nutrition helps us perform better and reach our goals everyday.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the nutrition your body needs for a healthy lifestyle?

I’m adding protein powder and supplements to my daily routine. I picked up Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Double Rich Chocolate at Walmart. It has 24g of protein with whey protein as the primary source so much of the carbs and fat are isolated or removed. It’s only 120 calories and 1.5g or fat, gluten free, and 2g of sugar or less. And it mixes easily with a spoon and tastes delicious!

I’ve also started drinking Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy. It comes in grape or fruit fusion flavors and one serving offers a combination of 5 grams of Amino Acids and 100 grams of caffeine, the same as a cup of coffee. It helps provide energy and supports muscle recovery before and after working out.

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Optimum Nutrition protein powder and Amino Acid drink

Healthy Habits for the Best Year Ever! Family Health and Wellness Tips - Fitness and Active Lifestyle blog tips via Misty Nelson, frosted blog @frostedevents

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