Weighted Blanket Target that the internet swears by. We ordered one to test it out and see if it really can help you get more sleep, better sleep. Here are our thoughts…..

There are weighted blankets all over the internet. So how do you choose the best one? Well we did some research and noticed that this one sold by Target had tons and tons of rave reviews. Over 1200 actually, from people who swear it helped them fall asleep faster and achieve more sleep on the average.

Weighted blanket Target - Best weighted blanket for kids and best for adults

Weighted Blanket Under $50

So because it’s our job to find test out items that are trending we decided to order one from Target and see what all the hype is about. The 12lb weighted blanket by Tranquility is listed for $49 online, a great deal for something that is sold for hundreds of dollars at other stores.

Weighted Blanket Benefits

My son has sensory processing disorder. Weighted blankets have been shown to help people with SPD relax and get better rest. Weighted blankets are filled with beads to apply pressure and mimic the effects of Deep Touch Pressure. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can provide a calming affect that can help people with anxiety, ADHD, autism, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Many reviewers shared that this Tranquility weighted blanket helped their child settle in and fall asleep faster. I was excited to see if it would work with my son.

Weighted Blanket Target - Best weighted blankets for under $50

First, it’s super soft. One side is silkier and lighter while the other is velvety and warmer. It’s a good size for kids or adults, though some noted that it would only be useful for one adult when used on a bed.

After our first night using it my son loved cozying up and seemed to settle in much faster than usual. He noted that the pressure felt good, kind of like a hug. I definitely noticed a lot less tossing and turning as he drifted off.

Weighted blanket Target

With many weighted blankets selling for well over $100 I would say this is a great one to buy if you want to try it out and see if you like the feel. We love ours and are ordering another one to keep downstairs for cuddling on the couch.


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