Burrito Blanket, oh the wonderful things the internet has given us! When I first heard about the burrito blanket I rolled my eyes imagining a gimmicky, ridiculous prop made for Instagram pics. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s ridiculous, completely absurd, and I couldn’t love it more.

Trust me, I’m not one to jump on to the latest fads. I’ve moved enough times and purged enough kitschy crap. I’ve learned my lesson enough to not fall for every “oh, look at that” catchy gadget or gizmo. And I have kids, so I’ve had to become supremely selective when it comes to the quirky stuff that enters our home. Else it breeds and one day you wake up in an episode of Hoarders!

Never the who, the burrito blanket, it got me man! I couldn’t resist the image in my head of wrapping my children up in a giant flour tortilla. It was inescapable! My finger moved this mexi-masterpiece into my shopping cart faster than I could blink.


Burrito Blanket on Amazon

Burrito Blanket – Best Gift Ever!

It arrived in two days and I could hardly wait to open it up. Surprisingly, it’s cozy and comfortable. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it’s actually a well made blanket that’s just thin enough and just thick enough.

There’s nothing like looking down at your legs wrapped up in a burrito. We’ve bombarded our family with pics, it’s become a fun family activity, coming up with new ways to snap photos of this thing.

Don’t believe me? Checkout the 4000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

Burrito Blanket on Amazon

Do I regret buying the burrito blanket?

Nope, not for a minute. It’s still one of our favorite things and I might have to buy another one to keep my family from stealing this one. So many friends have asked where to get one for themselves. And it makes the best gift idea ever!

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