Command Center ideas and inspiration. Get your family and your life organized with a central home station to keep all the important stuff and things you use daily.

January has got me all motivated to get our life organized so we can spend more time doing fun stuff and less time doing the not so fun. Like cleaning and moving clutter piles from one spot to another, and hunting down all the things we need in our daily lives that somehow seem to disappear. Operation GET ORGANIZED is officially under way around here people, starting with a command center.

Command Center Ideas and Inspiration- Check out these awesome stations to keep your family organized and your home life in order via Misty Nelson mom blogger Mom Organizer

Currently, our command center is the kitchen table. Which means that most days we can’t actually use the kitchen table for eating because it’s piled high with everything from preschool art, my half-finished crafts, random mail, winter clothing articles, Christmas gifts we still need to give….. It’s crazy! And it’s driving me freaking crazy!

So I’ve decided to make tackling the kitchen table monster and turning a corner of our space into a command center. Once again I will express my never-ending, unwaivering love and gratitude for Pinterest because it is the holy grail of ideas for all things. Especially organizing! Trust me! Just type in the word organize and before you get to the z you’ll start to feel like your life needs a complete overhaul and you’re just a notch above being a guest star on an episode of Hoarders.

Don’t give up! Don’t stress! You are not a hot mess mama just because your pantry is not perfectly labeled with pretty chalkboard tags and your refrigerator isn’t organized and color coded by nutritional value. Just remember, Pinterest is there to give you ideas and inspiration, just like the Victoria’s Secret catalog and the pages of magazines. Those pretty, perfect Pinterest pictures aren’t real. Noone’s house really looks like that, and if they say it does then please invite me over because I want to see what skeletons are hiding in your closet (along with a nanny/housekeeper and personal assistant.)

Get Organized

Back to the task at hand! Let’s tackle this shizzle together. Let’s start the new year off with clear counters and table space and the feeling that we’ve got it all under control. So how do you create a family command station that will keep everyone organized? Here’s what I’ve gathered from the experts:

  1. Designate an Area. Choose a space where everyone tends to corral: a kitchen corner, the entryway closet or a mudroom space. Find a spot that has shelves or enough space to install some.
  2. Decide on what items truly need to be in this space and make a list. Do you drop your bills off in this spot, library books to return, school papers, reminders for your calender.
  3. Baskets, bins and boards. Choose how you want to organize your list of items. Larger items in bins, smaller items in baskets, hang a magnet or pinboard. Find containers for the large and small things and coordinate your pieces so your command center will look neat and tidy.
  4. Add decorative elements to keep you inspired. Hang a quote or a framed picture that makes you think serene thoughts.
  5. Use lists and calendars to keep your days and months clearly in view, as well as important reminders and daily tasks. The key to being organized is planning ahead. Print out daily/weekly/monthly planning sheets. Post a list of birthdays and important dates. Keep a menu board up to remind you what to grab at the grocery store. Use a cleaning schedule to help you stay on track of when it’s time to freshen up the place.

I designed these free printable planner pages to post up at my command station. Print a bunch, or better yet, laminate them and use again and again.

Pin This for Later — Command Center Inspiration on Pinterest 

Command Center Ideas + Free Printable Planner Pages and Inspiring quote via Misty Nelson @frostedevents Mom blogger

Click on the arrows to go to the image file. Click on image, right click and save. Prints to standard US Paper size. 



Command Center Ideas and Inspiration- Check out these awesome stations to keep your family organized and your home life in order via Misty Nelson mom blogger