Breakout Beasts are the hot new surprise toy kids are loving! I shared how we were introduced to these guys at a few of the toy fairs earlier in the year and we added them to our Costco Christmas shopping list. Well now you’ll finally get to see what’s inside the surprise eggs…..  Thanks to our friends at Mattel for sending these toys for review.

What are Breakout Beasts?

Break Out Beasts are mystery eggs filled with a slime surprise. Crack open your egg and unleash the beast. Inside each egg you’ll find a plastic bag filled with slime and parts to create on of 5 cool creatures. You can even mix and match beasts to create your own!

Breakout Beasts Surprise Egg Slime Toys

Kids Love Surprise Eggs and Blind Bag Toys

If you have a kiddo over the age of five or a child that loves You Tube like mine then you know how bananas kids get over the surprise toys. Surprise toys are little treasures that come hidden in something, an egg or a blind bag. And kids absolutely love opening and collecting these things!

Breakout Beasts Surprise Egg Slime Toys

Slime Toys

Combine the surprise egg craze with the slime craze and you have the hottest new thing. My son is obsessed with slime and loves making slime, playing with slime, we even collect slime. He’s got bags and bags of all kinds of slime we’ve made or bought. So part of his excitement over the Breakout Beasts is all about the slime inside. And thankfully the slime comes fully contained in a plastic bag so parents don’t have to worry about the eggs breaking open early and slime getting everywhere.

Breakout Beasts Surprise Egg Slime Toys

Once you’ve broken open your egg and spilled out the slime contents the real fun begins! Dig through the slime to pull out pieces and build your beast. There are five fun creatures to collect and three colors of slime.

These make awesome birthday gifts. And the coolest stocking stuffers for kids! 

Where to Buy Them

You can find this cool new toy instores and online. Amazon sells individual eggs and sets of three. They also come in different collections and various colors of eggs.


Breakout Beasts Surprise Egg Slime Toys

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