Bento Lunch Box —  Lunch Ideas and a free printable cheatsheet of meal combinations for busy moms. Checkout our favorite bento lunch boxes, prep essentials and lots of fun ideas for packing kid’s lunchboxes. 

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Bento Lunch Box-- Lunch Ideas Kids Lunch Printable

Bento Box Ideas

Are you a chicken nugget zombie robot mom? Have you fallen into the routine of reaching for a handful of frozen chicken bits shaped like dinosaurs or Mickey Mouse, popping them in the microwave… and thats lunch…. or dinner… or both! I’m totally guilty of this. We get busy and I need to make B something super quick, something I know he’ll eat without argument, so chicken nuggets have become a regular on our menu. But this year is gonna be different.

This year I’ve set my Back to School resolutions, which include:

  • not showing up to drop-off in some half combination of pajamas
  • making a kick-ass classroom snack that will make all the other moms jealous AF
  • packing healthy (er!!) nutritious lunches that are still cool enough to eat with your friends

Does your kid give you the rundown of snacks that other kid’s moms pack for their friends? Mine does, and he’s in preschool people.

So this year will be the year I plan ahead and take-on the task of packing cool healthy lunches kids will approve. Starting with an awesome bento box.

Shop for Cool Kids Lunch Boxes

Here’s a round-up of one awesome ones:

And some lunch combinations for kids meals. I put together this cheat sheet for you as a guideline. Of course its not always gonna work out to include one of each food category. I have a pretty tough time working veggies into breakfast or lunch, so I try to mix them into dinner. Hey, do what works for you!

Bento Lunch Box Printable Cheat Sheet

Bento Lunch Box Printable Kids Lunches List

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