Meal planning ideas for back to school. Check out these easy meal preps for busy moms.

Where did the summer go? It seems like we were just picking out summer camp stuff and now the back to school rush is here. It can be tough getting back into the swing of things after a few months off your normal routine. But I’ve found that the key to keeping it all together is planning ahead.

Meal Planning for Back to School Busy Moms Printable

When I know we are going to have a crazy month I always try to organize my most time consuming daily tasks and prep ahead. Meal planning has been a huge helper in keeping us on track and saving a little more time each day. It ensures we eat real meals instead of falling into the unhealthy and expensive fast food rut. Even better, it means we eat together more often as a family, because it’s fast and easy so we all have time to sit down to a meal that’s ready in seconds.

Meal planning starts with stocking up on foods and snacks your family will love. I fill up our fridge and freezer with quick and easy meals with one trip to Walmart. Here’s a rundown of my shopping list:

Meal Planning Shopping List Back to School

Stocking the freezer with some great tasting frozen foods makes it easy to create meals fast. We love the Jimmy Dean® Pancakes & Sausage for breakfast. They’re a delicious way to start the day with protein. State Fair® Corn Dogs and Tyson® Chicken Nuggets are great for lunch or dinner and ready to serve in seconds.

You’ll need a good set of food storage containers. I like ones that have divided compartments and and are easy to stack. I found these at Walmart, they’re inexpensive and dishwasher safe.


Making Breakfast Combos

Pick a protein and add some fruit. Pancakes and sausage on a stick combined with grapes and strawberries is my son’s favorite. Sometimes I add a little cup of yogurt too.


Making Lunch Combos

My go-to quick and convenient proteins for lunch and dinner are frozen chicken nuggets, corn dogs, meatballs and fish sticks. An applesauce cup, some pretzels, fruit and veggies make the meal complete.

Making Dinner Combos
meal-planning-list-of-meals-back-to-routine-tyson-23 copy
Snack Combos

I keep these cups stocked in the fridge for a grab and go snack. Grapes, apples, cheese, peanut butter, berries and pretzels.
Planning meals will make getting back into your routine a lot easier for you and the kids. Stock up on convenient foods that taste great and are quick to make. Set aside some time twice a week to prep and store your meals and you’re all set. Now you’ve got plenty of time to get a jumpstart on that back to school shopping list!

Download this convenient Meal Planning Printable and Shopping List
How do you plan ahead for Back to School?