Back to School Shopping Looks Outfit Ideas JC Penney Sale Eyewear

I love putting together outfit ideas, for myself, my family, my friends…. Pretty much anyone who will give me access to their closet! Back to school shopping is kind of like Christmas for me, I get all giddy and excited as soon as the stores start stocking their shelves.

Styling kids really aren’t very different from shopping for adult looks. There’s a standard formula to building a wardrobe that applies to anyone, no matter what age. It all starts with selecting basic pieces, then picking out a few trends that express your personal style. The cool thing about styling kids is they can get away with a lot more than adults. Bold colors and funky, fun patterns won’t get an A+ in the workplace like they will on the playground.

I’m sharing a few helpful tips for pulling together an awesome back to school wardrobe that will have your child feeling confident and looking cool all year long.

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Back to School Shopping for Kids, How to Create Stylish Looks from Head to Toe 


  1. Invest in high quality, durable basics that can withstand everyday wash and wear. These are the staples of your child’s wardrobe and should consist of pants, jeans, tees, long sleeved tops, and shorts in neutral colors. Add leggings and skirts for girls. Get at least 2 pairs of each bottom, 3 to 5 of each top.
  2. Outerwear essentials: A thick, lined coat for winter and a thin, hooded water-resistant coat for all else. 
  3. Shoes. Kids need comfortable shoes that can hold up to all the miles they’ll accumulate. They should also be safe,slip-proof.bottoms are a must. Start the year off with a new pair of sneakers, a dressier pair for occasions and a fun pair that shows their sense of style.
  4. Add accessories to make it a look. Trends come and go, especially in the world of children’s wear. Don’t waste money on trendy clothing you’ll be tossing out by Christmas. Let your child pick out accessories that will pair with their basics and highlight their personality. Scarves, hats, belts, bags and jewelry are all budget friendly ways to wear fashion trends. Printed tees, patterned vests and cool socks are also fun.
  5. Don’t forget about eyewear. Glasses are an awesome way for kids to show their unique style. Choosing frames they love will help them feel more confident. Be sure to give your child space and let him/her pick out a pair they love. It might not be your favorite, but it’s important to let them take the lead on what makes feel great.

Back to School Shopping Looks Outfit Ideas JC Penney Sale Eyewear

Now you have your list, but where do you find it all? Don’t freak out, that part is surprisingly easy! JC Penney has the coolest trends for everything back to school, from everyday basics to popular brands, and an impressive selection of stylish eyewear.

JC Penney Optical has an awesome sale going on for prescription eyeglasses: two pairs for $99.99 plus free no-line bifocals (offer through 9/9). And check out their big Back to School Sale for Kid’s Eyewear: One pair priced at $39.99 plus free eyeglass protection plan (only valid for kids 16 and under.)

Back to School Shopping Looks Outfit Ideas JC Penney Sale Eyewear

I’ve got my new pair and I’ll be sporting my girl boss glasses, hair in a bun and coffee in hand look allllll season. Maybe now that school is back in I can finally get started on my book! Here’s hoping….

Hey mamas! How is back to school going for all of you? What trends are your kids into this year? 




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