Make a photo book of all those treasured snaps you’ve got hiding away on your phone and stored on SD cards. It’s time to organize your photos, let them shine and share them with friends and family. This post is sponsored by our friends at Blurb. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

When it comes to taking way too many pics, I’m guilty! I can’t help it, I’m a clickin’ mom and I love it. I’ve got about a million pics stored away on my phone and memory cards, maybe more. And as much as I love taking pics I always tend to forget to print them. Some go up on social media and others get lost in the neverending pile of jpegs. Every now and then I’ll search through to find a particular pic and suddenly I’m transported somewhere down memory lane, looking at pics of when my baby was still teeny-tiny. An hour later after I’ve finished sobbing over how my little boy has grown so fast I remind myself I need to organize and print all our favorite photos out.

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

A couple of weeks ago I finally rounded up all my favorites so I could create a few photo books. I decided to use Blurb because I’d read another blogger mention that they loved how beautiful their books turned out and that the design process was easy. After checking out the website I really loved the clean layouts and all the options for printing they offered. I ordered a swatch-kit so I could decide on what paper type I liked best.

I love that Blurb offers all kinds of themes to get you started with designing your book. Travel, Wedding, Family, Children’s book, Social Media pics, etc. Use their free tool to layout your pages with tons of templates to choose from or upload your own PDF.

For my first design I wanted to create a special Mother’s Day gift for a mom I love and admire so much. My aunt and uncle have played a big role in my life and I’m very close to them. My aunt is an amazing person and I wanted to give her something extra special. I wanted to fill this book with memories they’ve made possible, opening their hearts and their home to us every holiday and all the weekends in between. Welcoming each grandchild born with so much love and then spoiling them rotten.Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

There are photos of newborns crying and toddlers laughing. First birthdays with little frosting covered faces and sweet baby kisses. Weddings where we dressed them all up, twirled them around on the dance floor until late in the night and then carried them off to bed. Summers at the beach and the lake, building sand castles and splashing in the water with the biggest smiles on their little faces, happy as clams.

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedeventsTime flies. They grow so fast.
Oh how bittersweet and true, those sayings we hear again and again. From the moment they are born it feels like you fall into a time warp, the next milestone is always on the horizon before we’ve even finished celebrating the last.

When our Blurb book arrived I opened the mail and for a little while time stood perfectly still. I was right back in the hospital room, where my grandmother alongside both my aunts held my hand and welcomed me into the tribe of motherhood. Flipping through those pages I could hear little giggles of excitement over blowing bubbles out by the lake and the cries of surprise from the quick, sloppy kiss of a dog.

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Because I could never tell the story that these photos tell. All the details would be lost, all the little things that you don’t know you will grow to cherish so much until years have gone past. It’s always the little things that strike a chord and bring back a flood of emotions. The stubborn cowlick you smoothed over a thousand times, a pair of shoes you could never keep on their feet, a facial expression that came and went with an age when all the world was full of wonder.

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

It’s amazing to me, all the memories we’ve made in just a few short years since these little people came bursting into our lives. And then I think about my aunt and multiply mine by decades. What an incredible story her snapshots could tell. I hope this little book will add another chapter to her collection. I hope she smiles when she flips through the pages and sees the wonderful legacy of love and laughter she helped create.

What kind of photo book would you create? What memories would you include?

Make a Photo Book of Memories with Blurb via Misty Nelson frostedMoms @frostedevents

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