Before, when people would ask what I do, I would simply tell them I’m a stay-at-home mom. Despite the fact that I was actually running two successful businesses that brought in a very good amount of income. But still, I felt like my number one job was being a mom, so I guess it was the easiest one to explain.

Work from Home Balance Do it All Moms Snacks ZonePerfect Bars @frostedevents @zoneperfect

Then a couple of years ago my little blog started getting a ton of traffic, mostly thanks to lots of Pinterest followers, and I decided I needed to be more professional in the way I introduced myself. So I started telling people I was a blogger and social media consultant. My response was usually met with a confused look followed by something along the lines of “is that a real job?”

Yes, it’s a “real job.” My real job entails a long list of skills I’ve mastered over the seven years I’ve been blogging. I’m a blogger, but I’m also a creative director, editor, photographer, graphic designer, marketing manager, advertising agent, content curator, social media influencer and a consultant for all those various services.

I love my job, it’s pretty amazing! I get to visit fun places, experience new things, try out the latest toys and gadgets and model cute clothes. Who wouldn’t love that! But when other moms ask me how I manage to balance it all, I can’t lie. I don’t, I’m not the “do-it-all” mom.

Work from Home Balance Do it All Moms Snacks ZonePerfect Bars @frostedevents @zoneperfect

I don’t want people to think I’m a “do-it-all mom” because I don’t believe they exist. I think all of us mommas are out there just doing the best we can. We make mistakes, we make choices, good and bad. And we make sacrifices because we love our kids more than anything in the world and we want them to be happy, healthy little people.

My Work at Home Mom Daily Routine

A typical day for me goes like this: I get up, brush my teeth, think about showering as I hear little feet come pounding down the hallway. Decide to skip shower, I’ll get by with dry shampoo (again), and head downstairs to make breakfast. My son plops down in front of the TV to watch Paw Patrol and I microwave some pancakes and sausage. After breakfast I dress him and throw on my mom uniform, yoga pants and a t-shirt. Then we jump in the car and head to the coffee shop, otherwise know as the mommy fuel station.

If it’s a preschool day I’ll do drop off, make conversation with school moms, then race home to try and accomplish four hundred things in the three hours I have. Other days my husband will take him for a few hours so I can at least answer the important emails and make a few phone calls.

I need to make the most of my office time so I’ve set-up my working space to limit distractions. If I get hungry I’ve got snacks stocked up so I don’t have to go hunting through the pantry. I love these ZonePerfect bars, they keep me from feeling hangry and satisfy my sweet tooth craving all in one. And I don’t have to feel guilty about eating them all the time because they’re full of protein and good stuff. The cinnamon roll one is AMAZING, and I really like the chocolate chip cookie dough bars too.


After I’ve finished up my lightning speed round of work, it’s time to pick up my little monkey. We head home for a snack and a nap, which usually gives me about an hour to do laundry and try to clean up. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I hate cleaning and developed a system. It’s pretty simple. I keep our main, heavy traffic spaces clear and livable. All the other rooms, closets and corners are usually crowded with my work stuff, outgrown clothes and toys and who knows what else. Once or twice a year I have a psychotic moment where I decide it’s all got to go and invite friends over for a grabfest, or have a big yard sale.

He’s awake, and I’m back in mommy mode. I’ve got a few hours of entertaining a toddler so we go to the park, maybe the pool, or stay home and play with blocks and toys. Around 5ish I’m dying, and he’s at full speed so we head to the coffee shop for round two to get me through the final push. A stop at the grocery store or run to the bank and then it’s time to start the dinner, bath and bedtime routine.

Once he’s fast asleep (finally!) it’s back to work time. The fringe hours, where the magic happens. The writing, editing pics, ordering props, sending out client consulting packages and working on my book and blogging course, little by little. When my brain stops working I shut it down, have a glass of wine and a bite of cake and curse myself for going to bed waaaaaay to late, again.

Oh, and you can grab the yummy ZonePerfect bars at Walmart. They’re in the healthcare section, where you shop for vitamins and medicine.

This post was sponsored by ZonePerfect and Acorn Influence. All thoughts and opinions are my own.