Baby shark song, I know you know it. Can you even read those words without hearing it in your head. If you have a small child it’s pretty much impossible to escape. But let me tell you, as annoying as it might be to hear it a thousand times, the baby shark song is our new best friend.

Baby Shark Song Playlist free on YouTube - PinkFong songs for kids

Baby Shark Song

It’s the one thing that will keep my son entertained for a few minutes when I’m picking up prescriptions or grabbing our groceries. Anywhere where I just need a few minutes without the tug of “mum mum mum mum mum mum” that’s usually just a warning signal for an oncoming “MAAAAAAAAA MAAAAAAAAAA MAAAAAAA!”

The great thing about the baby shark song is you can pull it up on YouTube real quick when you’re in a jam. They even have a continuous feed of several different versions of it in case you need more than just two minutes to occupy your toddler.

I’m not a fan of downloading a ton of games and apps to my phone so I just created a bookmark tab for this so I can quickly pull it up whenever and wherever.

We have a smart TV at home and the YouTube app on our television so I can tell Alexa to play Baby Shark there too. I don’t know what or why but my little dude goes into a zone when it plays. I mean an all-out trance! He doesn’t get much screen time so maybe it’s just the novelty of watching something on the TV. But the baby shark is definitely his jam!

Baby Shark YouTube


PinkFong Playlists on YouTube

You can subscribe to PinkFong and check out their full playlists of kids music and toddler songs to sing and dance to. They also have a whole line of cute baby shark toys for toddlers on Amazon.

Does your little one love Baby Shark too? 


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