Valentines nails -designs and inspiration for the prettiest Valentine’s Day manicure. We’ve rounded up all the trending V-day nail looks.

Love is in the air! With a little over a week until Valentine’s Day it’s time to start planning outfits and all the little details. I love getting a mani-pedi before any special occasion. It makes me feel extra pretty to have my fingers and toes on-point.

Valentines Nails - 50 Valentines Day nail design ideas, from flirty pinks to racy reds

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Valentines Day Nails

I’ve rounded up the cutest nail trends and pinned them all to a special Valentines board so you’ll have plenty of inspo to show your nail tech. These designs go from subtle to SERIOUS in every shade of pretty in pink to racy red you can imagine.

A few of the most popular Valentines nails on Instagram and Pinterest

  • tiny hearts
  • LOVE spelled out
  • glitter hearts
  • heart shaped tips
  • heart doodles


Nail Care Tips

  1. Shape nails frequently to keep from snagging.
  2. Use a nail brush to keep nails clean
  3. Never bit nails or use your teeth to remove cuticles
  4. Use a nail strengthener
  5. Take a daily vitamin + biotin
  6. Use cuticle oil daily to soften

Nail Salon Near Me

It’s important to be extra cautious when choosing a nail salon. These are a few red flags to watch for:

  • No license clearly displayed. Salons are required by law to have their license displayed and clearly visible to customers. If you don’t see a license or notice that the license is expired, walk away.
  • Dirty tools and work stations. Your technician should always use clean tools and have a neat work area.
  • Overwhelming fumes and smells. The salon should have a ventilation system and use non-toxic products to keep customers and staff safe. If you are hit with strong chemical smells as soon as you open the door, turn around.
  • Unsanitary bathrooms
  • Using the same powder for multiple dip manicures. Dip manicures are popular but also run the risk of contamination. Make sure your nail tech uses individual portions of powder dip with each client.
  • Nail technicians not wearing masks or gloves

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