Rosacea treatment that really works. These are the products and personal care tips I use to make keep my rosacea under control. Winter is not my favorite season. Cold weather just makes me want to stay inside and I dread having to get all bundled up to go outdoors. It’s also harsh on my skin, making my rosacea flare up even more than usual.

Rosacea treatments - Prosacea gel

What is Rosacea

I was diagnosed with rosacea at 29. I visited a dermatologist initially because I had cystic acne that would not go away. I have always had sensitive skin, redness across my cheeks and nose that becomes especially bright and noticeable at times. The doctor explained that I had rosacea. Suddenly it made sense why my nose and cheeks were so rosy, the warm stinging flashes and the flush that took over my face.

Rosacea treatments - Prosacea gel

Common Triggers

Rosacea is very frustrating to deal with and affects my everyday life. I never know what will trigger it or when I’ll flare up. Too much sun, spicy food, stress, alcohol and cold weather tend to make it worse. It’s hard not to notice and people will often comment on it if I go without makeup.

“Are you allergic to something?”
“Do you have a fever?”
” Are you ok?”

Rosacea treatments - Prosacea gel

I hate the unwanted attention and I hate having to explain, so I wear makeup most of the time to cover the redness up.

I’ve tried lots of things over the years and found a few that help minimize my symptoms and improve my appearance. Changing my diet has helped control my outbreaks. Avoiding alcohol and certain foods also works to keep my symptoms from getting worse.

Rosacea Treatment

My skincare routine has dramatically changed the way I look and feel. I switched to a gentle cleanser that’s recommended for sensitive skin. Using a good moisturizer after every wash also keeps my face hydrated and less irritated by dryness. And I use Prosacea Medicated Gel to soothe and calm my facial redness.

Prosacea gel

Over the Counter Treatments

Prosacea is a fast-absorbing lightweight gel that treats rosacea symptoms and heals the redness and irritation quickly. It’s available without a prescription and you can find it online and at most drugstores. I apply it before my moisturizer and I can tell a difference in just a few days. My skin is noticeably less red and looks healthier after I use it.

It’s gentle enough to use daily and won’t clog your pores. I feel more confident going without makeup when I use Prosacea, it minimizes the redness and helps keep my flushed face under control.

Rosacea treatments - Prosacea gel

Prescription Rosacea Treatments

Your doctor can help you decide if a prescription treatment will help depending on the type of rosacea you have. Creams and gels can help with papulopustular rosacea, which causes small pimples, flushing and small lines on the cheek area. Antibiotics are also commonly prescribed to treat swelling and inflammation.

Prosacea gel

I’m working on not letting the winter blues keep me from doing things I love. When I take care of myself I look and feel better. And when I feel better I’m a better mom, better wife and better friend.

Believe me, I know that dealing with rosacea flare ups just makes you want to hide out. But there are lifestyle changes and treatments that can make a difference. Don’t let your rosacea stop you from living your best life!