Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner - Thanksgiving Ideas & InspirationEveryone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish. Maybe its mom's cornbread stuffing or a green bean casserole recipe thats been passed down from generation to generation. Mine is a tie between my grandma's delicious corn casserole and a good ole' southern pecan pie! If your in charge of planning a Thanksgiving menu that will satisfy everyone at the table, heres one that covers all the classics.

Turkey- Roasted, deep fried, smoked, baked or slow-cooked…. (Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Turkey, Food Network Turkey Recipe)

Dressing- Cornbread dressing, sage stuffing, sausage… every bird needs a proper dressing (Pioneer Woman Stuffing, Southern Living Cornbread Dressing)

Cranberry Sauce- Forgo the easy gelatinous cranberry sauce in a can and make a sweet one from scratch (Cranberry Sauce, Savory Sweet Cranberry Sauce)

Macaroni & Cheese- The ooey, gooey, golden cheesy dish thats always quick to disappear (Alton Brown's Baked Mac N Cheese Recipe)

Green Bean Casserole- A simple, yet flavorful favorite side dish (All Recipes Best Green Bean Casserole Recipe )

Sweet Potato Casserole- Almost a dessert in itself! (Traditional Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe)

Pumpkin Pie- What would Thanksgiving be without a pumpkin pie! (Martha's Classic Pumpkin Pie)


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Pottery Barn Thanksgiving Decor

Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving Decor

Print this Thanksgiving Menu and and use with place setting decoration (right click and save image, print to full page size)Printable Thanksgiving Menu Thanksgiving Ideas & InspirationClick here for more Holiday Ideas 


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