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I love dressing my little guy up! When we found out we were having a little boy I started shopping for baby stuff and I was so disappointed in the clothing for boys. Everything was either covered in characters and words or just, well, ugly!

Then one day I came across this cute boutique store in the mall and my life was changed forever. Okay, maybe thats a little exaggeration, but I definitely fell in love. It was like all my dreams came true. The cutest baby clothes ever! Patterns and prints and color schemes like the ones that so frequently dance in my head when I’m dreaming up a new party theme. I instantly pictured my sweet boy in pinstripes and bowties, the most dapper diapered little dude in town. And so began my love affair with Janie and Jack.

Cute Outfits for Little Boys

Tip: Shop for Janie and Jack clothes when they go on super sale! I buy most of B’s clothes at the end of the season in his next year size, and I use Janie and Jack coupons . Sign up for their email and they will send them to you, or find them online.

Flash forward two years later I’m still obsessed. But what mom doesn’t love dressing their little one up! There are so many celebrations and milestones to mark when they’re little and what better way than with a super cute matching outfit. I get so excited when I open my email and preview a new Janie and Jack collection. Being able to buy the complete outfit, shirts and pants, shoes and hats, even adorable matching socks all at once is so convenient.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite Janie and Jack outfits we’ve worn:

Cute Boys Clothes Pink and Navy Blue Outfit frostedevents.com #cuteboysclothes #cutekids #cutekidsoutfits #cuteboystyleThis outfit was for Mother’s Day. I love boys in pink. Navy blue and pink polo, pink shorts with horse print belt. Navy blue boat shoes.

Cute Boys Outfits and Boys Clothing Janie and Jack frostedeventscom Daffodil Festival Spring #janieandjack #cuteboysoutfits #boystyle

One of my favorites! I paired this button up shirt with a pair of red shorts to wear to the Tulip festival. He looked so cute in it and had the best time running through fields of flowers.

Cute Boys Outfit Ideas Janie and Jack frostedevents.com #cuteboysclothes #boysoutfits #janieandjackJust before he was ready to start walking. He refused to wear shoes, and would kick them off constantly. Blue button up with nautical print and salmon pants. Salmon pink polo over pink and blue plaid shirt, navy shorts and navy blue boat shoes.

Cute Boys Outfits and Clothing -- Janie and Jack frostedevents.com #janieandjack #cutekidsclothes #cuteboysclothes #boysoutfits Fourth of July. Red polo shirt, red and blue navy checkered shorts, blue boat shoes. Janie and Jack Summer.

Cute Boys Outfits and Boys Clothing Janie and Jack frostedevents.com #janieandjack #cutekidsclothes #boysclothes #boysoutfitsHe wore so many cute outfits on vacation in the Bahamas. I love this turquoise blue linen shirt with matching purple belted shorts. Janie and Jack Summer collection

Cute Boys Outfit Ideas Janie and Jack frostedevents.com Janie and Jack Coupon CodeI love this flannel shirt! It looked so cute on him with jeans and its the softest fabric.

Wanna know my secrets to getting all these cute little boys clothes and barely spending a dime?

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Cute Boys Outfit Ideas Janie and Jack frostedevents.com Janie and Jack Coupon CodeRed, white and blue for a Memorial Day cookout and hitting some balls with Daddy.

Cute Boys Outfit Ideas Janie and Jack frostedevents.com Janie and Jack Coupon Code
This was one of my favorite summer swim outfits. The yellow shorts with a sea turtle print were so cute on him. Janie and Jack always has the cutest boys swimwear. We wore this outfit out on the beach at Atlantis.

These are a few of my favorite Janie and Jack looks we’ve worn. I’ll share more once I organize and sort through all my pics. Being a clickin’ momma is fun, I love snapping pics of him and flipping back through our memories but I have yet to develop a good organizing system for all my pics.

Janie and Jack Coupons

Wanna know a secret? I shop for most of my cute kids clothes online during the big end of season sales.
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