Karaoke party ideas and fun ways to get the whole family belting out tunes The Singing Machine. Check out how much fun our kiddo has with this awesome 

We love to sing and dance and pretty much get silly any chance we can. It’s a part of our everyday life, whether it’s singing songs on the way to preschool in the morning or dancing in the kitchen before dinner time. So when The Singing Machine showed up on our doorstep I knew B was gonna have a blast getting to try it out.

Straight out of the box it’s an easy machine to set-up. We had ours ready to rock in only a few minutes. Simply plug a few cords in, download the Singing Machine app and turn it on. The app connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can select your song choice over your smartphone, iPhone or iPad and just hit play. 

I was surprised by the sound quality this lightweight little machine puts out. You can control the volume and even add an echo effect with front knobs that are easy for children to adjust. Push a button and watch The Singing Machine light up with bright LED lights that change colors. B loved the light show! 

The Singing Machine comes with one youth microphone but has two microphone jacks giving you the ability to plug in two mikes for a sing-a-long duet. Also, the machine plugs in via an AC power adapter will run off eight C batteries if you want to take your karaoke fun on the road. Batteries are not included.

Karaoke Party At Home

We’ve had a blast singing along to our favorite songs and getting into some pretty epic karaoke battles at home. B knows pretty much every word to the Moana soundtrack, we’ve only seen the movie about a million bajillion times, so that’s his go to at the moment. He also loves to just plug in the microphone and put on a show for his stuffed animals, LEGOs, anyone who will listen. It’s pretty entertaining listening to him tell stories and dispense his daily dose of wisdom of a four year old.

We love The Singing Machine and can’t wait to break it out at birthday and summer celebrations. Find it online at Amazon.


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Thank you to The Singing Machine for giving us The Singing Machine Karaoke for Kids Machine to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.