Christmas Tree Farm near me. Find the perfect place to pick out a real tree for the holiday season, take a family Christmas pic and maybe even sip some hot cocoa while you stroll through a wonderland of fir branches and balsam bliss….

Christmas Tree Farm

So you’ve decided this is the year you’re gonna take the family on a winter road trip to find the perfect tree. Well, first you’ll want to make sure you find the perfect Christmas tree farm. Over the years we’ve made our way over the river and through the woods to hunt down our holiday tree and I’ve learned that you need to do a little research first or you might be disappointed. I’ve got a few tips to share with you to help plan your tree farm visit….

Christmas Tree Farm Near Me – Do some research

First, don’t just load the first farm address that pops up on Google into your Waze and be on your merry way. Lots of places will market themselves as “tree farms’ but in reality, it’s more of a tree lot. You might not get the farm experience you’re hoping for. It’s important to dig a little deeper. Check out their website and look for geotagged pics on Facebook and Instagram. If it’s a true tree farm you’re likely to find lots of pics shared by visitors online. Then you’ll get to see what the farm offers, what the trees look like and better scope of what to expect. Also check to see if it’s a “u cut” Christmas tree farm where you cut your own tree down.

Alexa, What’s the Weather for Today?

You’ve found the spot, now you need to know what the weather looks like. Depending on where you live the weather could be very different just a short drive away. You’ll want to know if you need to plan for snow or if there’s a chance of rain before you make the trek.

What to Wear

With the weather in mind you can plan out matching Christmas outfits for the whole family. If you’re hoping to snap a Christmas card worthy photo you’ll want to get everyone dressed in the right color scheme. Just a mom tip: don’t put the kids in their clothes until you arrive. Anytime there’s a road trip involved you want to avoid the possibility of spills and surprises so pack the sweaters and collared shirts to put on at the very last minute.

Christmas Picture Props

Don’t forget to pack a few props for your holiday card pictures! A plaid blanket, a pack of shiny ornaments, a festive Christmas chalkboard sign…

Holiday Traditions

I love creating holiday traditions with my family! The best memories are made when you turn a special moment into an annual affair. Make your tree farm visit extra special for the kids. Stop for doughnuts on the way, sing Christmas carols on the ride up, sip hot cocoa while you’re strolling through the rows of trees. Christmas traditions give children something to look forward to year after year.

Holiday Festivities

Many Christmas tree farms celebrate the spirit of the season with special holiday festivities. Visit Santa, feed the reindeer, nibble on Christmas cookies, take a hay ride… Check the farm calendar to see if they have special events planned during your visit.

Artificial Christmas Trees instead…

If all of this is sounding like a little bit too much for you this holiday season, don’t worry. Artificial trees are just as magical and instead of making a trip to the farm each year, you’ll just have to make a trip up to the attic.



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