The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function, designed in collaboration with Bentley Motors. This stroller grows with your child and is lightweight enough to be an everyday essential, while also being sturdy and comfortable for even long walks. Your toddler will love this stroller as much as you do!

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bentley stroller trike

Convertible Stroller and Tricycle in One!

It’s not just a stroller—it’s a tricycle! The 6-in-1 comes with six different riding options for your child. There is also a removable canopy to protect your child from the sun and keep them cool while they enjoy their ride.

bentley trike

Bentley Stroller Trike

This trike can be turned into a rideable vehicle within minutes, so it is perfect for children aged six months to five years.

  • Stage 1 is meant for kids 6 months old and includes a stroller with a secure infant seat that faces toward the parent.
  • Stage 2, designed for children 12 months and older, has a footrest that is better suited to longer legs than the infant version.
  • Stage 3 is for kids ages 2 and up, who can now pedal the trike themselves but still have a backrest and free handlebar clutch so that their parents remain in control.
  • Finally, for kids ages 3 and up (stage 4), the backrest and handlebar clutch have been removed so that children can ride their trikes just like grown-ups.
bentley stroller trike

Luxury Stroller for Stylish Moms

The stroller also includes a cup holder, storage bag and sunshade with peek-hole at the top. It is made of lightweight material that makes it easy to maneuver and durable enough for everyday use.

bentley stroller trike review

Beckham loves strolling around our neighborhood on his Bentley trike. While he’s still not able to use the pedals, he can move the handlebars so he feels like he’s steering, when I’m actually still in full control. That little sense of independence keeps him entertained and engaged so he wants to stay in the seat. With other strollers he often gets bored and wants to climb in and out. So it’s nice that we can both enjoy a walk without the typical toddler-parent struggle.

bentley stroller

Bentley Trike Convertible Stroller

I love how stylish our Bentley trike looks! It’s sleek and eye catching, with all the luxury details that accompany the Bentley name. My husband especially loves sporting our kiddo around in his Bentley stroller trike, and we always get compliments from people when we’re out.

bentley trike stroller

If you’re looking for the ultimate stroller to grow with your child from infant to preschool, the Bentley Trike is the one! It’s an investment that you and your child will enjoy for years.

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