Is the lululemon outlet worth it? I visited the lululemon near me to find out if the selection and deals were really as good as they sound. Here’s what I found….

If you’re a fan of Lululemon, you know that the brand’s yoga pants are worth their weight in gold. But now they’re offering a whole lot more than just awesome workout gear. The company has opened up several full-price stores and outlet locations across the country, making it easier than ever to find your favorite pair.

lululemon outlet

We Made Too Much Sale

When you’re at a Lululemon outlet, don’t be surprised if there’s a sign that says “We Made Too Much Sale.” It happens all the time, and it means that they have extra inventory and are trying to get rid of it.

The best time to go shopping is on a Wednesday afternoon. That’s when the store gets restocked with new items from the warehouse, so you’ll find some great deals on items that haven’t been sold yet. If you’re looking for specific types of clothing or gear (like yoga pants), check out their website first. Often times they’ll have sales going on just for your size!

I was surprised to find lots of great pieces at the lululemon outlet I visited. Lots of yoga pants in the most popular styles. I even found the lululemon fanny pack I’ve been eyeing for awhile. I wish they had the lululemon backpack I want as well, but sadly I wasn’t quite as lucky.

Outlet Locations

Lululemon outlet stores are located in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. The company also operates a number of factory stores that sell surplus merchandise to the public.

Here are the locations of Lululemon’s outlet stores and a few tips for the sale.

Lululemon has outlet stores in both Canada and the US. It’s worth remembering that these aren’t just stores where old merchandise is sold at discounted prices because the company made too much of it. They carry brand-new, first-quality items that were simply left over from previous seasons. So when you’re shopping at an Lululemon Outlet, you’re basically getting new clothes for less money than usual—which means that finding a pair of pants with a $100 price tag for only $50 feels like Christmas morning!

The best part about shopping at Lululemon Outlets? They are year-round! No matter what time of year it is, there will probably be some items that could make your wardrobe even better. You’ll also find discounts on any remaining pieces from last season. This means that if there’s something specific in style or color (or both) that catches your eye but costs more than what you’d normally pay for new clothes—well then now would be the perfect time to buy it!

If there aren’t any Lululemon outlets near where you live yet then this news might come as a disappointment. But don’t fret—there’s still hope! Just keep checking back until one opens near where you live or visit one near another city when visiting friends or family who live nearby (that way they won’t mind when taking turns).

The Lululemon outlet sale is an exciting time for customers. It’s also a great opportunity for the company as well. It helps them get rid of excess inventory from previous seasons and brings in new customers who may be interested in trying out the brand. The best way to save at the Lululemon Outlet Sale is by planning ahead. You can check out the store locations on their website so that you know where your closest outlet location is before heading out there with cash in hand!