Aesthetic plants are a great way to improve the look of your home. A well-placed plant will help reduce stress, increase productivity, and make you feel happier! You can also achieve an Instagram swoon-worthy abode by adding greenery inside your home.

Aesthetic plants - the most popular house plants on instagramSo how do you choose the best house plant for your space? It’s really a matter or personal style and knowing what a specific plant needs. Some require more sunlight and some like to hang in the shade. Some plants are thirstier than others and need regular watering, something to consider if you aren’t home often.

Here are a few of our favorite plants that are easy to care for and add aesthetic appeal:

Best Indoor Plants- Aesthetic Plants

  • Bird’s Nest Fern – This is an easy-to-grow fern that thrives in humid environments with indirect sunlight. The fronds are about 1 foot long, and they grow up from the base instead of outwards like other ferns do. They come in shades of green with lighter edges which give it a delicate appearance.
  • Ficus Tree – A Ficus is a great choice for those looking to add some visual appeal and greenery to their home. A ficus has lush, dark-green leaves that are shaped like hearts or arrows which contrast beautifully with its colorful fruit (which is usually red). A Ficus can grow up to 30 ft tall indoors! A few examples of types we carry:
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – A Ficus that has large, wide leaves that resemble a fiddle or violin.
  • Bamboo Palm Tree – A tall variety of palm tree with green fronds whose tops are often bluish in coloration. This plant is great at filtering toxins like formaldehyde from the air inside your home!
  • ZZ Plant – A type of succulent that grows thick, wide leaves. A ZZ plant is great for those who are short on time or just want an easy-to-maintain houseplant!
  • Snake Plant – A type of succulent with long, blade-shaped leaves and a tall stem in the middle which often has small white flowers. This hardy plant needs very little water, making it an excellent option for the forgetful plant owner! A few other aesthetically-pleasing plants to consider:

Indoor plants have many benefits, including purifying the air, reducing noise and stress levels in your home, adding color to a room, creating privacy screens on an open floor plan, and softening harsh corners. Aesthetics might be one of the reasons you have decided to add plants into your space (other than simply wanting more green!), but there are many other benefits that make adding a little greenery to your space worthwhile!

Aesthetic plants - the best indoor plants to add style to your space

ps…. noone is going to judge you if you decide to go with the everlasting, always green, easiest to care for plant:

Faux plants

so maybe you won’t score any Joanna Gaines green thumb points, but you’ll never have to experience the guilt of losing a plant to negligence or over-watering. And conveniently enough, Target actually sells some pretty great fake plants!

Shop our favorite fake plants, click on the pics below:





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