Thermometer Walmart best devices to keep on hand to monitor your family health. We’ve scouted the ratings and reviews on devices to take a fast and accurate temperature and these are the ones that top the list.

Peace of mind is most valuable when you or someone you love isn’t feeling well. Getting a quick temperature check can give you a better picture of how your body is doing when it comes to fighting a virus or infection. So keeping a reliable thermometer in your medical supply kit is a good idea. Two even, so you always have a back up.

Thermometer Walmart - best digital thermometer and best touchless thermometer

Best Digital Thermometers

The Equate 30 second digital is a Walmart bestseller. Can take an oral, rectal or underarm temperature that is clinically accurate. And it’s under $6.

Best Forehead thermometers

Equate Temple Touch 6 Second Digital Thermometer is a temple touch digital thermometer. It has 1850+ reviews and it’s only $12.88. Non-invasive, works for all ages and takes accurate temperature sleeping or awake.

Best No Contact Thermometers

MOBI Non-Contact has 1700+ ratings and takes an accurate no touch temp in 1 second. Fast medical and clinically approved, it’s used by front line responders and medical professionals. The large backlist display makes it eas y to read, memory recall keeps up to 50 readouts in Fahrenheit or Celsius mode. Retails for $34.99

Infrared Thermometer Walmart

Berrcom Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a highly rated device at a great deal. At around $13 it’s a very affordable item to add to your medicine cabinet. It’s able to take three different types of temps: body, ambient air and surface.

Thermometer Walmart - best digital thermometer and best touchless thermometer


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