Jooki is a wireless speaker for kids that plays your child’s favorite music, audiobooks and Spotify playlists. We received a Jooki player for review. Sharing our thoughts and opinions, why we love it and think you will too!

I’m excited to share with you guys something fun we recently discovered for kids! This award winning speaker is a great screen-free entertainment device that engages children of all ages. And makes a great gift for kids too!

Jooki wireless speaker for kids
bluetooth speaker for kids

Jooki Wireless Speaker for Kids

Jooki is the first kids’ speaker with streaming music and audio capabilities.

The new Jooki speaker is a wireless screen-free music/audiobook player with Spotify connection. You can connect your child’s favorite songs and stories to Jooki figurines and tokens, so kids can play their own parent-approved entertainment all on their own.

Spotify speaker for kids

Jooki Connects with Spotify Playlists for Kids

It’s super easy to use, Beckham figured it out in minutes. And he loves the feeling of independence, choosing his own songs and stories. We connected his favorite nursery rhymes, Disney sing-alongs, silly stories and bedtime stories to individual tokens so he can change it up whenever he wants, all by himself.

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Kid’s Music Player

Additionally, there’s a button for volume that can be limited by parents through the app, and a button to skip to the next song. And the rechargeable battery allows for 8 hours of playtime.

About Jooki

Guided by Montessori education principles, the newest generation of Jooki connects through Wi-Fi for music and audiobook streaming, helping parents empower their children to develop creativity, independence, and emotional awareness. Parents can easily share their favorite playlists and bond through special stories, songs, and music.
In just a few clicks, moms or dads can associate audio content with a Jooki token or figurine; then the child simply chooses the particular token or figurine they want to use, place it on the speaker, and immediately gain access to their desired playlist without the need for direct parental supervision. Jooki is also perfect for family dance parties, and its Bluetooth functionality also allows kids to quietly enjoy listening privately through wireless headphones.”

Naturally, Jooki would make a great gift idea for children ages 3+. I also love that it’s a gadget that children can continue to use and enjoy for years.

Shop for the Jooki player currently available online.

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