Ah, Target. The cherished realm where we promise ourselves we’re “just running in for one thing” and invariably emerge with a cart brimming with delightful finds. And when Target Circle Week rolls around? Well, that’s a bonanza we home decor enthusiasts can hardly resist. Imagine: your favorite items are not only easily accessible but also magically priced for a steal! Let’s embark on a little journey through the aisles together, spotlighting some of my favorite home decor treasures.

target circle week

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Throw Blankets

As the air turns crisp and the nights grow cooler, is there anything more inviting than the caress of a plush throw blanket? Target has elegantly woven together comfort and aesthetics in their latest collection. I’m personally enamoured with the chunky knit blankets that spell nothing but ‘cozy’. Draped nonchalantly over a couch or folded neatly at the foot of the bed, they’re not just a comfort accessory but a stylish statement.

Decor Pillows

Can one ever have too many decor pillows? The answer in my cozy universe is a resounding ‘No’! This Target Circle Week, my eyes are locked onto their vast array of decorative pillows. Velvet, faux fur, or classic cotton – they’re all here in an array of colors and textures that promise to elevate your space. The neutral-toned ones, especially, have a particular allure, providing a chic and timeless look.

Trees and Florals

Yearning for a splash of nature indoors, but blessed with a not-so-green thumb? Fret not. Target’s array of artificial trees and florals offers a lush escape without the upkeep. The fiddle leaf fig trees and succulents have wormed their way into my heart, providing a lively and fresh look to any corner of the home. Paired with a decorative vase or planter, they’re sure to breathe life into your decor.


A wreath is a symbol of welcome, encircling guests with warmth as they cross your threshold. The selection of wreaths at Target this Circle Week offers a beautiful range from classic to contemporary. Whether you fancy a traditional pinecone and berry autumn wreath or a more modern, geometric piece, it’s an effortless way to add a seasonal touch to your entryway.

Target Circle Week

Target Circle Week isn’t merely a shopping event. It’s a fabulous escapade where your home decor dreams gently flutter down into the realm of affordability. With discounts aplenty and a myriad of choices, it’s the perfect time to refresh, revamp, and revitalize your living space with handpicked items that not only echo your style but also whisper sweet nothings to your wallet.

So, fellow homebodies, this is the week where we trot our virtual (or physical) carts through the warm, welcoming aisles of Target, indulging in little treasures that add that sprinkle of comfort and dash of style to our nests.

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