I know it might still be summer, but I’m already getting excited about decorating for Halloween! The holidays are my favorite time of year. From the start of September to the end of the year, I’m just giddy over all the holiday fun. I love making the holidays extra special for my kids and I love celebrating the changing of the seasons with new decor.

Pottery Barn Halloween decor

I’ve got some spook-tacular tips for you, and I’ve found the perfect place to snag trendy and chic Halloween decor without going overboard on the kitschiness. Yep, you guessed it – Pottery Barn!

Pottery Barn Halloween Decor

Trendy Halloween Vibes, Anyone?

Halloween is all about that fun and eerie vibe, and adding stylish Halloween pieces to your interior decor is like giving your home a fashionable costume for the season. But hey, we’re aiming for trendy and chic, not overly spooky. That’s where Pottery Barn steps in with its incredible range of Halloween decor that strikes the perfect balance!

1. Elegant Table Settings: Hosting a Halloween gathering? Spice up your table with elegant yet Halloween-inspired dinnerware and table runners. Pottery Barn offers gorgeous pieces that feature subtle Halloween motifs, turning your dining space into a classy haunted mansion. Skeleton Serveware Collection

2. Spook-tacular Throw Pillows: Who can resist the charm of throw pillows? Pottery Barn’s Halloween-themed throw pillows are like artwork for your sofa or bed. They add that touch of Halloween magic without overwhelming your decor. I love this Gus the Ghost Pillow, he sold-out super quick last year!

3. Hauntingly Beautiful Wreaths: Wreaths are like the greeting cards of your front door. Pottery Barn’s wreaths combine sophistication and Halloween spirit flawlessly. Imagine a wreath with autumn leaves, a hint of black, and maybe a ghost or two. It’s like inviting guests to a stylish Halloween party! This handcrafted ghost light-up wreath is darling!

4. Chic Lanterns and Candleholders: When the sun sets, it’s time for those chic lanterns and candleholders to shine. Pottery Barn’s selection adds a subtle and stylish glow to your Halloween decor. They’re like the perfect mood lighting for your spooky movie night! These handmade terracotta jack-o-lanterns create a haunting glow!

5. Not-So-Spooky Wall Art: Wall art is like the heartbeat of your home decor. Pottery Barn’s Halloween wall art is a blend of trendy designs and just the right touch of Halloween charm. It’s like turning your walls into an art gallery with a Halloween twist!

6. Classy Centerpieces: A classy Halloween centerpiece can make any space come alive (or, you know, undead). Pottery Barn’s centerpieces are like masterpieces that effortlessly merge style and Halloween fun. Imagine pumpkins, candles, and just the right dash of elegant spookiness. These pumpkin recycled glass cloches create the perfect tablescape.

Pottery Barn’s Chic Halloween Magic

Adding stylish Halloween pieces to your interior decor doesn’t have to mean going overboard with kitschiness. Thanks to Pottery Barn’s trendy and chic Halloween decor collection, you can effortlessly infuse your space with that magical Halloween spirit while maintaining your stylish home vibes. From elegant table settings to hauntingly beautiful wreaths,

Pottery Barn’s collection is your go-to destination for chic Halloween magic. So, go ahead, transform your home into a stylish Halloween haven that’s as trendy as it is hauntingly beautiful.

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