Staycation with your favorite gals sound like the perfect plan to satisfy your summer wanderlust? I’m sharing a few ideas for how to plan a fun girls weekend close to home.

One of the hard parts about adulting is making and keeping commitments that keep you from being able to just take off whenever you feel the urge. Back in my younger days, I use to love spur of the moment road trips to nowhere in particular where the only thing that dictated my return date was the amount in my bank account. Oh, how I miss the first years my husband and I were married and the spontaneous weekend getaways we would take to spend a few days somewhere sunny. Sleeping in, eating out and sipping cocktails by the pool all day (sighhhh!)

Staycation -How to Plan a Girls Weekend Not So Far Away via mom blogger Misty Nelson frostedMOMS

These days the word vacation means a lot more than throwing a bikini in my carry on and digging my passport out of the drawer. Planning a vacation as a parent means packing lists, plane rides with a toddler, playing in the sand allllllll morning and the kiddie pool alllllll afternoon and praying for nap time. It also means the added expense of another person, another plane ticket, another plus one for every meal…. It’s just not as simple as it used to be. We just want to be stress free, although if I was offered to go to my favorite place in the world, I wouldn’t say no!

We’ve kind of settled into the suck-it-up years of life with small children and put our vacation goals on the back burner. Most of the year I’m ok with this plan. I love spending time with my child and I make the most of our theme park weekends and pool days. But sometimes I just need a little break from mom-life, a few days to remember what life was like before parenthood took over.

That’s why a Girls Weekend Staycation is the best thing you can plan if you’re a busy mama. Scheduling a few days away with your gal pals is good for the soul. It also doesn’t require a lot of time or money if you plan it right. Planning a staycation means you don’t have to waste time on travel or fork over a few hundred dollars for a plane ticket and Uber rides to and from the airport. You don’t have to lose a day or two of travel to get somewhere, which means you don’t have to tack on a little more mommy guilt for being gone from your kiddos too long. Believe me, I know all about the mommy guilt.

Staycation -How to Plan a Girls Weekend Not So Far Away via mom blogger Misty Nelson frostedMOMSSo now that we’ve covered all the reasons why you NEED to plan a girls staycation weekend, let’s talk about how to plan one. Really it comes down to two simple questions—- Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

Lucky for you I’m a happy list maker so I’ve created a list of nearby places that fit most anywhere. Sure, some might not apply to you, but you can find a few that will work regardless of where you live exactly. Same goes for this list of what to do’s. Use it as a guide to get your brain going, think about what fun things you’ve been wanting to experience, places you’ve wanted to see, restaurants you’ve wanted to eat at. Make a list, pick a few dates and then send an email off to a few of your girlfriends who could also use a few days away.

Where to Staycation

    • Hotel – Book an overnight at a fancy hotel nearby and spend the day by the pool. Order room service, have a movie marathon, sleep in! Sometimes the simple things can so so much more to restore your spirit when life gets busy.
    • Bed and Breakfast – Find a cute little B&B you can sneak away to and share some time catching up.
    • Airbnb – Find an awesome pad you can rent for your weekend getaway. Airbnb has some incredible homes for whatever kind of staycation you are planning. A cabin in the mountains, a lodge by the lake, a cool crib with a pool….
    • Winery– Because what could be more fun than hanging out a beautiful vineyard with your favorite people drinking wine. Rent a limo and make a whole day of it.
    • Go Glamping! Go wild in the great outdoors without having to rough it. Rent an RV or a caravan, find a pretty spot you can glamp out with your gal pals.
  • Spa Retreat – Just want to spend a couple of days relaxing, detoxing and dusting off your daily woes? Head to a spa retreat for some TLC with your besties. Massages, facials, yoga and complete serenity!

Staycation -How to Plan a Girls Weekend Not So Far Away via mom blogger Misty Nelson frostedMOMSFun Staycation Things to Do

  • Visit a Spa
  • Tour a Winery
  • Paint
  • See a Show
  • Go shopping
  • Take a Lesson
  • Get Crafty
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Photography Class
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Mini Makeover
  • Flying Lesson
  • Foodie Tour
  • Go Fish
  • See a Concert

Tell me, what would be your dream staycation? And who would you want to “not-travel” with?
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Staycation -How to Plan a Girls Weekend Not So Far Away via mom blogger Misty Nelson frostedMOMS

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Staycation -How to Plan a Girls Weekend Not So Far Away via mom blogger Misty Nelson frostedMOMS

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