Instagram captions, first day of school phrases to capture the special moment.

It’s the first day of school! Let’s celebrate. The perfect Instagram caption is the one that lets your followers know they’re not alone in their excitement and anxiety. Here are some creative and heartfelt words to help you welcome the new school year:

instagram captions first day of school

Instagram Captions First Day of School

  • It’s a new year, and a new YOU!
  • Ready to rock the first day of school
  • Sending my baby off to start a new year is bittersweet. But I’m so proud, and so excited to see where this adventure will take you.”
  • Goodbye summer, hello school days!
  • First day, fresh start. Looking cute and feeling smart.
  • Summer was awesome, summer was fun! But the school bell is ringing and a new year’s begun.
  • And just like that, we’re off on a new adventure.
  • Go chase those dreams!
  • Oh the places you will go!

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“I’m so proud of you!”

We’re sure that your child has worked hard to get to this point, and they should feel proud. This is the first day of their big adventure, and it’s one that will have many more twists and turns in store for them. You should be proud too!

“This is the first day of the rest of your life.”

The first day of school is a big day for kids and their families. It marks the beginning of a new year, and with it comes the promise of new experiences, friendships, and growth. The first day also marks one step closer to graduating from elementary school or high school.

“This is the first day of the rest of your life.” – Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society

It’s not just about learning something new; it’s about starting something new! This quote reminds us that we should never take anything for granted. The tasks we do every day—going to work, taking care of our children—are small steps toward building up our lives or careers in which we can feel proud later on in life when looking back at all we’ve been able to accomplish so far (or are still working on). Remember that you always have time left over after each task is completed; spend some time reflecting on how much has been accomplished thus far before moving forward onto tomorrow’s tasks!

“Make the best day ever.”

  • Be confident.
  • Be kind.
  • Be yourself.
  • Have fun! Learn something new, too!

“It’s going to be a great year!”

first day of school instagram captions

“You’re off to great places.”

When you’re off to school, it can feel like a fresh start. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. Other times it’s a chance to start over and get rid of the bad habits we’ve picked up throughout our lives.

Whatever your reasons may be for having the first day of school feeling like a fresh start, here are some Instagram captions that could help you get those feelings across on social media:

  • “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting.” – Dr Seuss
  • “From this moment on, all that was good will begin.” – Mark Twain

“I can’t wait to hear all about it!”

I can’t wait to hear all about it!

As a parent, you want to know what’s going on in your child’s life. You want to stay connected and find out what they learned that day. There are so many ways social media can help you do this, but Instagram stories have an advantage: they’re short and sweet. You don’t have to sit down with them for an hour-long conversation or read their diary—you just need a few minutes of their time each day to ask questions and get the scoop on their day.

This is especially true when it comes to school-related posts because they’re so full of information. In fact, when my son started kindergarten this year I realized that even though he goes through all these activities every day at school (art class, science lab), I don’t always know exactly what he does or how his lessons tie together until he tells me over dinner one evening!

“You’ve got this!”

You are capable of great things, and you can do anything you set your mind to. You are incredible. You’re a human being, and that’s enough to get started on any endeavor. Just remember that we all start somewhere—even if it seems like everyone else is ahead of you, just keep going and don’t give up!

“I’ll miss you!”

This is a great way to start the day and end the night, so make sure to say it before your child leaves for school in the morning. Remember that this is an important time for them and for you as their parent or guardian. Make sure to have a plan for what happens after school and throughout the day, because sometimes single parents are the only ones who will be there at pick-up time when everyone else has gone home.

“Can’t wait to see what you learn today.”

“Can’t wait to see what you learn today.”

This caption is perfect for the first day of school post, because not only can you not wait to see what your child learns and how they grow but also how their personality changes. You want them to become the best version of themselves and learn as much as possible about the world around them.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

That may seem like a strange thing to tell someone on the first day of school, but it’s actually very important. You see, if our dreams aren’t scary, then we’re probably not dreaming big enough. If we don’t dream about our future and envision how we want things to be in five years or ten years from now, then those things won’t happen. If we don’t think about all of the obstacles that stand between where we are today and where we want to be in the future—and what it will take for us to overcome those obstacles—then they can stop us from achieving our goals and living our best life as students and beyond.

So today at school as you start this new chapter in your life as a student (or teacher), remember: whatever you set out to do in life should scare you just enough so that it pushes you outside of your comfort zone; but not so much that it stops understanding what makes each person special without trying too hard—and without hurting anyone else along the way!

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

Hard work is the key to success and growth in any area of your life. If you want to achieve success, there will be hard work involved. You must make sacrifices and put in the effort needed for your goals to come true.

Take a look at someone who has achieved great things through hard work: Michael Jordan was not always a basketball star; he started off as an average player on his high school team before working his way up to greatness by practicing every day after school with his coach until he was able to dunk on seemingly everyone else! In addition to this example, think about how many people have also worked hard for their degrees, jobs or even relationships? Maybe it wasn’t easy for them either but they did what it took because they knew that everything worth having requires some sort of sacrifice.”

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” -T.S. Eliot

Risk is a risk. It’s a necessary part of our lives and it can be positive or negative. Even if you don’t intend to take risks, you do so every day, whether consciously or not.

But if we want to live life to its fullest potential, it’s important that we take risks—and not just small ones like eating at an Italian restaurant for the first time (although those are good too). We need to aim higher and go after the big things in life!

So here are some ideas on how you can make this first day at school into one of your most memorable days ever:

It’s the first day of school!

First day of school captions are an essential part of any Instagram post that celebrates the start of a new year. Whether you’re sending your child off to kindergarten, or your college student is going back to campus, these captions will make sure their photos stand out from everyone else’s in their class.

We hope these Instagram captions for the first day of school will make you smile. You can use them to show your support for your kids and their classmates.

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