I’ve just recently come out of the diaper phase, so I can tell you first-hand how expensive diapers can be! According to BabyCenter, the average family spends around $70-80 per month on diapers, which adds up to around $900 per year. That’s a lot of money to shell out for something that gets used and then thrown away.


But as any parent knows, diapers are a necessity – there’s just no getting around it. So how can you save money on diapers while still ensuring that your little one is well taken care of? Here are a few tips:

  1. Shop around. Diapers can vary in price, so it pays to shop around and compare prices at different stores. Don’t forget to check out online retailers, as they often have good deals.
  2. Buy in bulk. Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. Just make sure to store them in a cool, dry place to prevent them from deteriorating.
  3. Use coupons and discounts. Keep an eye out for coupons and discounts on diapers. You can find them in the Sunday newspaper, on manufacturer websites, and through email lists.
  4. Consider cloth diapers. While cloth may require a bigger upfront investment, they can save you money in the long run. Plus, they’re better for the environment and can be more comfortable for your little one.
  5. Potty train early. Potty training earlier can save you a significant amount of money. While every child is different, most children are ready to start potty training between 18-24 months.

Less expensive diaper brands

  • Hello Bello is a brand of diapers that was created by celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. These diapers are made with premium, plant-based materials and are hypoallergenic, making them safe and gentle for your little one’s skin. They also have a super-absorbent core that helps keep your baby dry, and they come in a variety of fun, colorful prints. In addition to being high-quality diapers, Hello Bello also prides itself on being an affordable option for families. They offer a subscription service that allows you to save even more, and they also have a satisfaction guarantee, so you can try them out with confidence.
  • Parents Choice diapers is a that is sold exclusively at Walmart. They are known for their affordability and are a popular choice for families on a budget. They come in a variety of sizes to fit babies from newborn to size 6 and are made with a soft, absorbent core to keep your little one dry and comfortable. Parents Choice diapers also have a flexible waistband and stretchy sides for a secure, snug fit. While they may not be as well-known as other, more expensive brands, Parents Choice diapers are a reliable and affordable option for families.
  • Costco is a popular retailer that offers a wide variety of products, including diapers. Their diapers are available in various sizes and come in bulk quantities, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for families. The brand that Costco carries may vary depending on the location, but they often carry well-known brands such as Huggies and Pampers. In addition to offering competitive prices on diapers, Costco also has a satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. If you’re a member of Costco and have a large family or go through diapers quickly, buying diapers in bulk at Costco may be a good option for you.
  • Rascal and Friends Diapers are known for high-quality, eco-friendly materials and cute, animal-inspired designs. These diapers are made with plant-based materials, such as bamboo and cornstarch, and are chlorine-free and hypoallergenic, making them gentle on your little one’s skin. They also have a super-absorbent core that helps keep your baby dry, and the designs are inspired by adorable animals such as unicorns, lions, and pandas. Rascal and Friends diapers are a great choice for families who are looking for an eco-friendly, stylish, and high-quality option.

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