You don’t have to be a chef to throw a great crawfish boil. In fact, there are only a few ingredients you’ll need to master.

The best way to enjoy a crawfish boil is to gather friends and family for an afternoon of fun and food. It’s the perfect way to celebrate summertime! Kick back with a cold beer and a plate of something a little spicy, and a whole lotta flavor!

How to throw a crawfish boil, from start to finish:

crawfish boil

Crawfish Boil Ingredients

There are only a few ingredients needed to make a great crawfish boil:

  1. Seafood – 3 lbs of crawfish. Add shrimp and crab legs as you’d like.
  2. 6 oz Louisiana Crawfish Shrimp & Crab Boil
  3. 4 corn cobs, cut into thirds
  4. 2 lbs potatoes small potatoes, halved
  5. 2 lemons, quartered
  6. 2 TBSP Cajun seasoning

You can add sausage into the mix as well if you like.

When planning your crawfish feast, there are several key ingredients to consider. First, you should always use fresh seafood. If you buy frozen shrimp, you won’t get the same flavor. Second, you’ll want to choose a variety of shellfish such shrimp and crabs. Third, you’ll want to add plenty of seasoning to your boil.

Plan ahead. If you want to host a crawfish boil, be sure to order enough for everyone. Get a good head count on how many guests you’ll have at least two weeks before the event. Make a list of ingredients and supplies you’ll need. Contact your local fresh market to place an order for the amount of each item you’ll need.

Next, you’ll want to choose a location that has plenty of room for guests. Whether it’s a backyard or a beach spot, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got space for a table to spread everything out. The great thing about this meal is it’s messy, so casual is the way to go. No need to get fancy! Throw down some kraft paper to cover the table. Use paper plates or baskets with wax paper inserts, or just invite everyone to sit at the table and throw down. That’s how it goes!

The Equipment

  • Crawfish pot
  • A large pot with a lid
  • An ice chest
crawfish boil pot

How to Prepare Crawfish Boil

  1. Thoroughly rinse crawfish.
  2. Fill crawfish pot with water and bring to a boil. Add Louisiana Crawfish Shrimp & Crab Boil along with cajun seasoning.
  3. Add corn, potatoes and lemon. Stir and cover with lid. Continue to boil for 10 minutes.
  4. Add in crawfish and other seafood. Cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  5. Remove from heat and let everything soak for 10 minutes.
  6. Strain all ingredients and dispose of water.
  7. Crawfish boil spread is ready to serve!

Serving Tips

If you like it spicy, let crawfish ingredients soak longer than 10 minutes. The longer your mixture soaks the spicier it will get.

Lay newspaper or brown kraft paper over a table and layout your spread.

Serve with hot sauce and fresh lemons. A couple of side dishes and a great dessert will make sure everyone leaves with a happy belly. I like to serve a traditional southern-style coleslaw and some good ‘ole cornbread muffins.

A slice of key lime pie is always a well-received sweet treat to finish a perfect summer gathering.

Summer Party Ideas

backyard barbecue

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to entertain friends and family, then a crawfish boil is perfect! It’s also a great way to introduce people to Louisiana cuisine.

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