Christmas mad libs for kids, grab this free printable mad lib game and share some laughs with your friends and family this holiday season!

I used to love mad lib stories when I was a kid! Reading those silly nonsense stories would make me giggle so hard. And even now that I’m older I still love doing mad libs with my kiddos. They come up with some pretty wild and crazy answers!

We made this Christmas mad lib style story so we could take play some reindeer games in the car while we travel home for the holidays. I print out a few so we have some to share with cousins and neighbors when we all get together on Christmas Day. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Mad Libs for Kids

Printable Mad Libs

On a cold and (adjective) Christmas Eve, Rudolph the red-nosed (noun) was feeling particularly (adjective). His shiny, (color) nose had been the envy of all the other (plural noun), but now it was (adjective) and (adjective) after a run-in with a (adjective) tree branch.

Rudolph was (verb ending in -ing) around the (noun) with his head hung low, feeling (adjective) and (adjective) when he bumped into Santa Claus. “Oh, Rudolph, what’s (adverb) happened to your nose?” Santa asked with concern.

Rudolph told Santa the (adjective) story of how his nose had been (verb ending in -ed) by a mischievous (noun). Santa clucked his (noun) and shook his head. “This is (adjective) news indeed,” he said. “Without your (adjective) nose to light the way, how will we be able to deliver (plural noun) to all the (adjective) girls and boys?”

Rudolph hung his head even lower, feeling more (adjective) than ever. But then, Santa’s (noun) twinkled with an idea. “I have just the thing to fix your (noun)!” he exclaimed, and (verb ending in -ed) off to his (noun).

He returned a few moments later with a small (noun) in his hand. “This is a (adjective) nose fixer-upper,” he said, holding it up for Rudolph to see. “It will make your nose as good as (adjective) in no time!”

Rudolph was (adjective) as Santa carefully applied the (noun) to his nose. It tingled and (verb ending in -ed) for a moment, and then… magic! Rudolph’s nose was (adjective) and shiny once again, even more so than before.

Rudolph was overjoyed and thanked Santa profusely. “You’re (adverb) welcome, my dear (noun),” Santa said with a (adjective) smile. “Now, let’s get (verb ending in -ing) delivering those (plural noun)!”

And with that, Rudolph and Santa (verb ending in -ed) off into the (adjective) night, their hearts filled with the (noun) of Christmas. As they flew, Rudolph’s (adjective) nose shone brightly, guiding their way and spreading (noun) to all those below.

The (plural noun) were (adverb) amazed when they woke up on Christmas morning to see the (plural noun) and (plural noun) under their (plural noun), thanks to Rudolph and his (adjective) nose. And Rudolph, for his part, felt (adjective) and (adjective) knowing that he had helped make Christmas (adjective) for so many.

From that day on, Rudolph was known as the most (adjective) of all the (plural noun), and his (adjective) nose was celebrated throughout the (noun) as a symbol of the (noun) and (noun) of the Christmas season

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