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As a mom I want what’s best for my kid inside and out. We all do, right? Well, guess what? We’ve spoken and Dannon is listening. They’ve made some big changes moms will be happy to hear about.

Dannon Whole Milk - Strawberry

Dannon asked moms what was important to them and moms told them. More natural and non-GMO ingredients. So they’ve launched a multi-year plan to change how they make yogurt and give you more choices.

  • Dannon now offers more products with non-GMO ingredients, and more are coming!
  • If their product still has GMO ingredients, it’s on the label. Transparency means no more confusing labels, no more hidden ingredients.
  • Dannon is using fewer and more natural ingredients. No synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial food dyes. They are also supporting farmers who are producing non-GMO feed. That means cows that are eating non-GMO as well.
  • They’re getting milk directly from farms they know and creating a personal relationship with farmers they use.
  • They are focused on sustainable agriculture. Part of their pledge is to constantly strive to conserve natural resources and maintain the delicate balance in the ecosystems and natural cycles on which it depends. Soil, water, biodiversity, carbon and energy and animal welfare are all part of their key priorities.
  • Dannon is helping to improve animal standards. More than 90 percent of the milk Dannon uses in their yogurt production comes from farms that are certified under the Validus Certified System.
  • You wanted whole milk, so now Dannon is offering 11 different flavors made with whole milk. Each one contains live and active cultures, is packed with calcium, has all natural ingredients with Vitamin D and is made with non-GMO ingredients.* (*Learn more at

“Dannon’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Our ambition is to foster healthier eating practices that are reflective of local cultures and agricultural systems, in balance with nature’s ecosystem and that can be maintained for generations to come.” — from Dannon’s website.

Dannon Whole Milk - Orange CreamYou can read all about these changes and more in the Dannon Pledge. With this new pledge Dannon is pioneering the way, listening to what customers care about and changing the way their products are made.

It’s encouraging to know that a brand is breaking away from the industry standard and listening to what we want when it comes to feeding our families. I’m excited and I support the initiative Dannon has created.

Dannon Whole Milk - Key Lime-1

I recently read more about the changes Dannon has pledged to make over on the Mamavation blog. Along with explaining what mom’s want most and how Dannon is responding one mama gives great advice on how we all can voice our concerns when it comes to the foods we choose. As she says, you can support Dannon by choosing their products when you shop for groceries. Because where you put your dollar counts the most when it comes to changing the way food is made.

Dannon has pledged to make a difference and focus on changing their food for the better. Now it’s your turn to join in making a difference. Show your support by choosing yogurt and snacks products from the Dannon flagship brands. Look for Dannon, Danimals and Oikos when you’re shopping. It’s a non-organic brand that’s affordable, made with high-quality ingredients and uses sustainable practices. And it’s a brand that listens to what mom’s want when it comes to what we give our families.