The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda has taken over the internet and Star Wars fans old and new have fallen head over heels in love with him. This adorable creature has captivated us all, inspiring Baby Yoda memes and Baby Yoda merchandise. But who, or what, is Baby Yoda actually?

Baby Yoda Disney the Mandalorian

Baby Yoda made his surprise appearance at the end of the show’s first episode when he revealed himself to be the target of the Mandalorian bounty hunter.

Referred to as “The Child,” the infant-like green creature is wanted by “The Client.” For what reason we don’t yet know.

What are Baby Yoda’s powers?

The Force is strong with this one too! Baby Yoda’s Force powers  can heal or harm. He’s used his powers to control fire and to choke Darth Vader.

Where is Baby Yoda from? 

At the end of the season we learn that Baby Yoda will begin his quest for home. So we assume the next season will delve into the origins of Baby Yoda, and possibly reveal Baby Yoda’s name. 

Is Baby Yoda really Yoda? Is Baby Yoda a clone?
Ahhh, the internet is alive with conspiracy theories!
But both are unlikely, given that Yoda died five years earlier than the time frame of the Mandalorian story.

Does Baby Yoda have a name?
It has yet to be revealed.

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Baby Yoda Meme

Baby Yoda memes might be the fastest growing trend since the cat fighting with the screaming lady. They’re everywhere. Somehow Baby Yoda just embodies a part of us all, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom sipping your morning coffee in the midst of the chaos or a corporate suit calmly watching your office co-workers in meltdown mode from the sidelines.

Baby Yoda is our spirit animal. He’s the perfect representation of a serene, stoic outward appearance masking a clever plan and the contentment of knowing what’s coming next. He’s also the you that could give a f**k. Charmingly, ofcourse!

Baby Yoda Memes Botox meme @frostedevents Misty Nelson , Disney blogger

Baby Yoda Merch

It was only a matter of time before Baby Yoda merchandise started popping up. More likely a matter of minutes. Etsy makers caught on to the popularity and started pumping out Baby Yoda inspired tshirts, coffee mugs, stickers and crochet dolls.

Official merchandise is in the works as retailers scramble to fill the demand. Here are a few early offerings….

Baby Yoda plush

Baby Yoda Plush Doll from Disney, the Child. Mandalorian merchandise

Baby Yoda doll via Disney

A plush version of The Child is now available for pre-order from Disney. The Baby Yoda plush doll is estimated to arrive in March 2020.

Build-a-Bear Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda is even making his way to the popular stuffing factory of your child’s dreams.

Baby Yoda toy

Hasbro recently announced Baby Yoda toys are being made. Here’s a look:

Baby Yoda Toy Hasbro

Baby Yoda Toy via Hasbro

Baby Yoda Gif

Giphy has all the baby yoda gifs. I might be overusing these on every episode of the Bachelor this season. It’s just too perfect for every rose ceremony.

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