Baby bath time is my favorite time of the day. This little guy loves the water! He couldn’t be happier than when he can splish-splash in the tub. I love seeing his face light up the minute his toes dip in.

Baths help calm our little one down and get him settled for the night. Soaking in a warm bath not only gets him good and clean, it seems to make it easier for him to drift off to sleep.


Baby Bath Tips

We give our son a bath every other night. Babies don’t need to bathe quite as often as adults do so you can give them a bath two or three times a week and they’re fine.

First, I fill our baby tub up with warm water. You want to make sure the temperature is right for your little one. Always check it before putting baby in.

I love the smell of a clean baby! We use Baby Magic products and I’m obsessed with their Lavender Lullaby scented line. The Calming Bath is relaxing and tear-free so it makes the perfect cleanser and bubble bath.

Once he’s had a little time to splash and enjoy the feel of the water I suds up a soft washcloth and lightly bathe him from head to toe. After he’s all clean I rinse the suds away and wrap him in a soft towel.

Did you know baby’s love massages? A gentle massage can help get your baby ready for bed and will ease growing pains. I switch up our baby lotion depending on what scent I’m favoring from the Baby Magic line.

The Sweet Buttercup scent smells heavenly! It gently moisturizes and is fast-absorbing so we can slip into our pajamas when we’re all done. It’s made with comforting ingredients like Calendula Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to keep your baby extra soft.

Other times we use Baby Magic Calming Lotion to help ease lull him into sleepy mode. The lavender makes both of us drift off to dreamland fast!

The Baby Magic brand has been trusted by moms and well-loved for generations. The nostalgic scent brings back memories for so many. And starting this spring Baby Magic is embarking on it’s biggest expansion in more than 65 years of creating baby products. They’ve enhanced formulas with wholesome ingredients and even adopted a whole new look.

Baby Bath Time Products We Love

I love their cute new mascot, the Baby Magic Bunny! I also love that they’ve listened to parents and designed a new product lineup, keeping the same celebrated scents while eliminating things we don’t love like sulfates, mineral oil, dyes, parabens, phthalates, talc and lanolin.

We’re especially fans of Baby Magic 3-in-1 Wipes! They’re a great value offering 1.5 more wipes per package than competitors. That’s something any mama will appreciate because babies go through a ton of wipes!

They are also great for quick clean-up moments and can be used on face, hands and body. Baby Magic Wipes are formulated with 99% water and suitable for sensitive skin.

Look at that sweet smile! A clean baby is a happy baby, and a happy mama too! I love cuddling up with my little monkey and smelling the top of his head while we read bedtime stories and sing lullabyes. There’s simply nothing better than the way a baby smells! It’s the best way to end the day.

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