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The summer fun has begun and we couldn’t be more excited! We spend most of our summer days somewhere near water, whether it’s hanging out at the pool or down by the lake. It’s so nice to jump in and cool off when it gets hot outside! The kids could spend all day in the water, splashing and playing.

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to SwimWe started getting Brady used to water and encouraging him to learn to swim last year. I really want him to love water and develop a love for the water, but it’s also really important to me that he learn water safety. Last year we used the SwimWays Baby Spring Float to help give him more confidence in the water. He loved that thing! It was perfect for helping him get used to moving around in the water and learning to use his hands and legs.

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to SwimThis year we moved on to SwimWays Swim Step Two and started using the Swim Vest. He was so excited to put on his “big boy” vest and be able to move around more freely in the water. Everything is all about being a “big boy” now. Hold on, let me grab another tissue (sniff, sniff!) I know, we could spend all week talkin’ bout how fast they grow, back to learning how to swim. 

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to SwimAs I was saying, we’ve been following SwimWays three-step training program to teach Brady how to swim. It provides everything you need to guide your child towards a life-long love of the water from their very first splashes through swimming. The program uses helpful swimming aids, starting with SwimWays baby floats followed by swim vests and graduated swim trainers.

Swim Step Two provides support while children learn pre-swimming skills like how to balance and paddle. Using the swim sweater or swim vest kids can begin to explore the water with confidence.

  • The Swim Sweater was first introduced 50 years ago. It provides a stable, circular torso design and supports two pre-swimming positions- upward and forward stroke. Plus the sun sleeves add extra UV protection
  • The Swim Vest is made of sturdy foam inserts that provide balanced flotation. The front zipper comes with a safety closure that makes it easy to take on and off and it offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to SwimWith Swim Step Three graduated support kids have all the tools they need to feel empowered in the water.

  • Using the Power Swimr, a graduated flotation that acts like training wheels for the pool. It aids in learning advanced swimming at the child’s own pace. The adjustable cords and support strap create a snug fit while the 9 removable floats allow the Power Swimr to adjust to your child’s swimming ability.

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to Swim

In addition to making swim aids and kids life jackets, SwimWays founded the annual SwimWays National Learn to Swim Day the third Saturday of each May. This event highlights the importance of learning to swim for health, safety, and fun. It also raises awareness to help prevent childhood drowning and bring the joys of swimming to kids everywhere. Learn more abow Learn to Swim Day at SwimWays website.

Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to Swim

It’s important for your child to learn to swim not only so that they grow up with a love for water and enjoy all the fun of swimming, but because it could save their life. Teaching water safety will help protect your child from the risk of drowning and give him a life skill he’ll benefit from his whole life. Checkout SwimWays to learn more about how to get started.

When did you learn how to swim? What’s your favorite summertime swimming memory? 

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Why It's Important for your Child to Learn to Swim