We LOVE going on picnics! There’s just something about packing a few sandwiches and drinks, finding a shady spot to relax in, and enjoying being outdoors together. If you follow our Instagram stories, you know we do a lot of picnicking. Backyard picnics, park picnics, beach picnics and beyond.

I always get tons of messages asking about the things we bring along on our picnics. I have a few cute picnic baskets, a great outdoor blanket I keep in the trunk of our car, and a few pieces that make our picnics a little extra special. So I thought I would share a few of my Amazon favorites for putting together a great picnic…

picnic basket

Picnic Ideas

First of all, you need to decide what kind of picnic you’re planning. An afternoon picnic with the kids looks a lot different than a wine and cheese with the girls. So my picnic pairings always depend on where we’re going and who is coming along. If it’s a kid-nic, I like to make a few sandwiches, a bowl of fruit and some chips. Meeting friends, I’ll make a snack spread and chill a couple of bottles to bring along.

Picnic Basket

This picnic basket has everything you need, plus the top doubles as a table with drink holders.

Picnic Blanket

I love this picnic blanket. It’s large enough for a group to gather, waterproof, and folds up so it’s easy to carry.

Picnic Food Ideas

The Picnic Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket is filled with recipes and ideas for packing a picnic.

Here is a list of 22 picnic food ideas:

  1. Sandwiches (PB&J, turkey and cheese, veggie, etc.)
  2. Chips and dip (veggies and ranch, chips and salsa, etc.)
  3. Fruit salad
  4. Pasta salad
  5. Grilled chicken or steak
  6. Deviled eggs
  7. Fried chicken
  8. Baked beans
  9. Coleslaw
  10. Grilled vegetables
  11. Popcorn
  12. Brownies or cookies
  13. Lemonade or iced tea
  14. Ice cream
  15. Hot dogs
  16. Watermelon
  17. Cheese and crackers
  18. Grapes
  19. Carrots and hummus
  20. Peanut butter and jelly bars
  21. Trail mix
  22. S’mores supplies (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars)

picnic ideas


picnic food ideas

Picnic Hacks

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, but packing a great picnic can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few picnic hacks to help make your picnic packing easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Plan ahead: Make a list of all the food and drinks you want to bring, and make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as plates, utensils, and cups.
  2. Keep it cool: Pack perishable items in a cooler with ice packs to keep them fresh. Make sure to pack drinks and perishable items last to minimize the amount of time they spend outside of the cooler.
  3. Pack in layers: To maximize space in your cooler, pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. This will also help prevent crushing your food.
  4. Use reusable containers: Instead of packing food in disposable containers, use reusable containers that can be washed and reused. This will save you money and help reduce waste.
  5. Pack easy-to-eat foods: Foods that are easy to eat with your hands, such as sandwiches, fruit, and chips, are great for picnics. Foods that are messy or require utensils are not recommended.
  6. Bring a picnic blanket or chairs: A picnic blanket or chairs will give you a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your meal. Make sure to bring a waterproof blanket or tarp in case of rain.

Picnic Grounds

When visiting picnic grounds, it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Respect the environment: Pack out what you bring in and dispose of any trash properly. Do not damage plants or wildlife, and make sure to follow park rules and regulations.
  • Be prepared for the weather: Bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water on hot days. On cooler days, bring a jacket or blanket. Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance and pack accordingly.
  • Respect other visitors: Be mindful of the volume of your music and conversations, and avoid playing loud games that may disturb other picnickers. Also, make sure to keep your picnic area clean and tidy.
  • Stay safe: Avoid eating any food that has been sitting out for too long and make sure to properly store and refrigerate any perishable items. Also, be mindful of any potential hazards, such as poisonous plants, and keep an eye on any children in your group.

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